Elderflower Gin Cocktail; Flowery Twist To Gin
Image Credit: elderflower gin cocktail/ pinterest.com

Are you seeking novel ways to use elderflower syrup or liqueur that has been opened? Alternatively, do you chance to have a bottle of gin stashed away in the cabinet? The most delectable elderflower gin drink you can imagine is made by combining the two, adding some lemon juice, and tonic water. Elderflower has a wonderful perfume and flavour, and it enhances anything it is added to. Therefore, if you enjoy a classic gin and tonic, you will adore this variation.


  1. Gin
  2. Elderflower liqueur
  3. Tonic water
  4. Lemon
  5. Ice cubes

elderflower gin cocktail/ pinterest.com

  1. To the glass, add ice cubes.
  2. Over the ice, squeeze some lemon juice.
  3. Mix liqueur or syrup with the spirit.
  4. Add tonic water on top. Tonic water will likely be used less in a conventional gin and tonic because syrup or liqueur, which are sweet, will also be added. Therefore, it is suggested to add a little more tonic water.
  5. Lemon wedges and, if preferred, a few tiny mint or lemon balm leaves should be used as a garnish.


  1. Instead of lemon juice, use lime juice.
  2. Add a few cucumber slices that have been thinly sliced to each glass.
  3. Include a few freshly crushed mint leaves.
  4. Use different syrups or liqueurs for a distinct flavour. For instance, I enjoy using Lemon Balm or Mint Syrup to make this elderflower gin cocktail.


  1. Before using, chill the glasses so that they will keep the beverage colder for longer. Before stirring the drink, put them in the freezer for about 20 minutes.
  2. The liqueur/syrup and spirit should both be cooled.
  3. Use bigger ice cubes; they'll melt more slowly.