Eid 2024: Key Tips To Host An Intimate Festive Brunch
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As the holy month of Ramadan reaches its concluding phase, Eid is just around the corner as everyone gears up to work an appetite for slow-cooked biryani and succulent kebabs. While the grand fanfare surrounding an Eid meal is surely worth the wait, hosting a brunch for family before or after the day of the feast is a great way to bond over some good food. Putting out small plates of snacks that are light without intruding too much on the appetite, making a few personal touches can elevate the experience to make your loved ones feel special.

For a brunch at home, nothing can be better than the pleasure of sharing a delightful meal with loved ones. The air, filled with the aroma of festive dishes, a table adorned with cheerful decorations, warm lights and a curated but select variety of scrumptious offerings can really feel thoughtful and welcoming. Planning the perfect Eid brunch at home involves a combination of a festive-inspired menu and creating a comfortable atmosphere.

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RSVP In Advance

Since the members of your family or friends might have their own set of events scheduled during the time, setting the date and time for an Eid brunch is a wise decision. Typically, the morning or early afternoon of the day after Eid should be an ideal time, allowing guests to enjoy a leisurely and festive start to the day.

Plan Your Menu

Begin by curating a menu that balances traditional festive flavours with a touch of innovation. Consider featuring slow-cooked mutton korma tarts, omelette-pav sliders and golden-brown baklava bites. Add a touch of vibrance with a seasonal and colourful fruit salad, as well as air-fried options of your favourite foods. Deck up your table with a dip or two, along with some accoutrements that guests can nibble on while they mingle and chit-chat. If you want to save up on time, have a DIY-style meal arrangement where guests get to pick and choose how to assemble their food according to preferences.

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Festive Atmosphere

Creating a festive atmosphere for your brunch involves infusing every corner of your home with the enchantment of the occasion. Start off by adorning your space with warm lamps, vibrant flowers or ornaments, transforming it into a wonderland. Set the table with napkins and centrepieces, adding a touch of elegance and warmth. Incorporate scented candles or potpourri with seasonal fragrances like rose to engage the senses.

Beverage Station

From rose milk to sherbet, having a separate section for beverages relieves one of the hassle of people going back and forth from the otherwise occupied kitchen space. Have an inviting list of options that complement the flavours of your brunch menu. Offer an assortment of teas like Sulemani chai or Kashmiri kahwa, or even cold varieties of tea and other digestive options like buttermilk.