Eid 2022: Indulge In Some Sweet Treats Like Kanafeh, Tulumba And More From Across The Globe
Image Credit: This ancient cookie is stuffed with date paste and more/https://www.lurpak.com/

Eid-ul-Fitr is also known as "Sweet Eid" or Methi Eid as there’s ample amount and variety of sweet dishes that can dig in on this occasion celebrating the happy end of Ramadan. Come Eid and the house smells of all things good and delicious. All the more since this is Methi Eid, the sweet treats are a must that one makes at home. From sheer khurma to sahi tukda to Kimami Sewai there is so much that one can gorge in. 

Let’s see some of the lesser known ones which are still relishes across the world.


This ancient Middle Eastern dessert made with vermicelli-like dough and then later soaked in sugar syrup, softly layered with some soft cheese and then rose water drizzled and topped with pistachios, this one sees a deep history. This one comes from Nablus, a Palestinian city in modern-day West Ban. The city also holds the Guinness World Record for the largest knafeh ever made.

Kunafa, Knafeh, Kunefe, this dessert some believe that this dessert came into existence in 15th century Egypt, others in the Umayyad Empire during the 10th century. Traditionally cooked in a tray over an open fire till dough get’s crisp and the cheese melts, this one is enjoyed fresh from oven. The crunchy texture on top with the soft melted cheese and then dipped in sweet syrup this one absolutely sinful. During Eid this one is one of the lesser known but most sought after sweet treat. 

You can pick this one in Delhi from Kunafa in Lodhi Colony, and from Kunafa in Mumbai (Sufy's Kanafeh Point) in Mumbai and Kunafa World in Bangalore. 


This ancient cookie or a shortbread that is stuffed with date paste or chopped walnuts or pistachios and then dusted with powdered sugar is great for the month of fasting during Ramadan/ Ramzan. These buttery cookies were traditionally carved wooden molds to give shape and form to the maamoul cookies. The cookie dough is usually made with semolina or wheat flour, though you can combine the two also. Once the dough is done you need to shape the dough balls into small cups in which you can stuff with either date paste, pistachios or walnuts. The origin of these cookies are a bit mystrerious. The Maamoul cookies are a treat for the fasting months and having stuffed with dry fruits it also helps you keep up with the energy through the day. That’s also a reason why its preferred during sheri the morning eating ritual. This Eid special cookie is a real delight.


This dish from the Ottoman empire, it’s mostly a middle -eastern delight and is also known as bamiyeh. Also called as balah ash-sham in Egyptian and some Arabic cuisines, in Iraqi cuisine, they are known as datli. This choux pastry that is made with cooking the mixture of water, sugar, salt, and butter in a saucepan, and then incorporating all-purpose flour and stirring continuously till the desired thick texture of the dough is obtained. It’s a must that tulumba should swell during cooking, and hence is fluffy and empty inside. The whole idea of creating air bubbles is to give tulumba a much airy and fluffy texture. The batter consistency is that of jalebi or churros. These first deep-fried golden delights coated with sugar-sweet syrup is best eaten cold.