Egg White Foam: 6 Key Tips To Using The Garnish On Cocktails
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When shaken vigorously with other cocktail ingredients, egg whites create a frothy foam which adds a creamy texture and silken mouthfeel to a drink. This not only makes the cocktail feel richer and more luxurious but also helps trap aromas from ingredients like bitters or citrus oils added on top. In addition to this, the egg white foam also helps balance out flavours by reducing the sharpness of certain ingredients – particularly in cocktails with strong citrus or bitter components – mellowing out the acidity or bitterness to create a harmonious profile.


Make sure to use fresh eggs so that the whites whip up properly. Fresh eggs have stronger protein structures that help in creating stable foam, which is beneficial to contributing a cleaner and neutral flavour as well as a brighter appearance, thus enhancing the aesthetics of a cocktail. 

Separation Technique

Separate the egg whites carefully from the yolks, ensuring no yolk contaminates the whites. You can do this by cracking the egg open and transferring the yolk back and forth between the two halves of the shell, allowing the egg white to drip into the bowl below. Even a small amount of yolk can inhibit foam formation and hence being careful is of utmost importance.

Whisk Thoroughly

Start whisking the egg whites vigorously as soon as you separate them as this helps break down the proteins and begins to create the foam structure. The air bubbles created during whisking expand and stabilize the foam, increasing its volume and creating a lighter texture. Additionally, whisking breaks down the protein structures in the egg whites, causing them to unfold and bond with each other.

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Add Acid

Adding a small amount of acid, typically in the form of citrus juice or a few drops of vinegar helps stabilize the foam by denaturing some of the proteins. Moreover, acid adds a bright, refreshing note to cocktails, balancing out the sweetness and richness of other ingredients and giving the whites more stable foam structure, preventing it from collapsing too quickly.

Dry Shake

Dry shaking the egg whites which means shaking them without ice, along with the other cocktail ingredients allows the foam to form without the chilling effect of ice. When done correctly, the egg whites are agitated, beginning to foam and combine with other ingredients such as citrus juice or syrups and emulsifying it initially for a smoother integration of flavours and a more consistent foam texture in the final drink.

Ice & Shake

Once the egg whites have been dry shaken, adding ice and shaking the cocktail vigorously once again helps further chill the drink while incorporating air into the foam. This makes sure that the drink is served cold and refreshing, which is particularly important for cocktails that are traditionally served cold, such as sours or fizzes. The controlled dilution of the drink as a result of icing also adds a measured amount of ice to the drink and integrating the flavours seamlessly.