Try These 6 Egg Recipes And Make Your Dinner Special
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Dinner is one such meal where the whole family sits and eats together. It is the most comforting meal as everybody is relaxed and enjoying their meal after a hectic day outside. According to studies, the family dinner hour is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle. According to a study, when families eat together, they eat more vegetables and fruits and less fried foods, soda, and trans fat products. Eggs are high in 13 essential vitamins and minerals and provide important sources of these nutrients as part of a healthy diet to help you be your best every day. They also have good cholesterol levels. If you feel like having something different for dinner, apart from the same old veggies and dal, eggs are a good option. You can make different dishes with eggs that will keep you fulfilled as eggs have high satiety value.


Here are different ways in which you can have eggs-

Egg Curry

Egg curry is the far most delicious recipe you can make with eggs. All the flavours are bound well with the boiled eggs making them tender and juicy. Adding some chicken masala or mutton masala adds an enhanced flavour to the curry. Egg curry tastes heavenly when eaten with rice. Top it up with some coriander leaves and enjoy the dinner.

Aloo Andey Ka Salan

This is a Pakistani dish that spreads in India via Lucknow and is also called aloo andey ka shorba. Aloo andey ka salan is comfort food in most households around Lucknow. The flavours are perfectly infused inside the boiled eggs and potatoes.

Egg Bhurji

Egg bhurji is an Indianised way of scrambled eggs. It is a very easy recipe to make. In a pan add some oil, and saute some chopped onions, tomatoes, green chillies and spices. After that put some eggs in the tadka and whip it up with all the ingredients. When the eggs are cooked, garnish them with coriander leaves and serve hot.

Egg Biryani

For all egg lovers, Egg Biryani is a must-try recipe that promises to elevate your passion for eggs to new heights. Freshly ground spices, grated ginger, minced garlic, chopped mint, and cilantro are used to make a spicy marinade for egg biryani. This dish, also known in India as Anda Biryani, is made by combining fragrant long grain basmati rice, spiced hard-boiled eggs, nicely caramelised onions, and selected aromatic spices in a meal that will satisfy your senses in every bite.

Egg Frid Rice

Fried rice is comfort food for all those who love Chinese cuisine. It just takes a few ingredients to make. The fried rice is made in the usual way, and then the eggs are added to the rice. The dish is delicious, fiery and tangy that has a high satiety feeling.

Egg parantha

You must have eaten different paranthas but have you tried egg parantha? Egg parantha is my favourite type of parantha that is delicious. Egg parantha with sliced onions and green chutney is a match made in heaven that will comfort your gloomy taste buds.