Efficient Ways To Use Vinegar In The Kitchen

You can’t disagree that vinegar is the easiest way to lighten up the food. Be it a main course dish or a condiment, vinegar has the potential to spice up things with its sharpness and tanginess. If not in cooking, vinegar could also be used in cleaning the kitchen utensils. You name a kitchen utensil, and the vinegar can clean the last spot of dirt from it. Even if you have mastered the art of basic vinaigrette, there are some ways of using vinegar you may not know. 

Salad Dressing 

Well, salads could have different types of dressing, and this is what we love the most. The best and easiest salad dressing could be made with vinegar. Especially the apple cider vinegar, because of its slightly sour and sweet flavour balance, could be used in making dressing for mustard, kale, escarole and other healthy greens.  


Pickling is an age-old process to store food. The art of pickling has been there since time immemorial and done across the globe. But you know what? Pickling doesn’t always have to be a tedious and long process. With the help of vinegar, you can quickly pickle anything. 

Making Sauces 

Some sauces and dips go well with everything and to make these sauces, you need some vinegar. Vinegar can create some quick and flavorful sauces. For those who don’t know, white wine sauce is made with vinegar. Give it a try. 

Cleaning Off Grease 

Let us tell you that vinegars can help in cleaning off even the last spot of grease from your utensils. No matter how old the grease is, vinegar can clean it off. All you need to do is have some vinegar and make a mixture of it using baking soda, lemon juice and salt. Using a cloth, rub this mixture over the greasy utensils and see the magic. 

Making Pie Dough 

This may come as a shock to you, but vinegar can help in making the flakiest pie crust. Some food experts believe that when one tbsp of chilled apple cider vinegar is added to the pie dough, it can result in making pie crust flaky. So next time, give this a try and see if it works! 

How many of these vinegar uses were you aware of? Do let us know!