Economist's Funny X Post Reveals Pune's Best Kept Food Secrets

Do local foodies in Pune really want to keep the tourists away from their best food? A rather sensational and hilarious post made by economist and author Sanjeev Sanyal took X by storm recently. “Shocking revelation. Punekars have been feeding visitors Poha while themselves eating some amazing stuff. My careful study found that they never finish their share of poha, but quietly visit a restaurant called Sandeep afterwards. Non-Punekars are left completely in the dark,” he shared on X.

While Pune is particularly known for its poha, especially the Indori poha and Khandeshi poha, the city has quite a few noteworthy delicacies, like Puneri misal, bakarwadi, pithla bhakri etc. While netizens have a lot to say about Sanyal’s funny claim, JM Road’s Sandeep Hotel is truly popular among Pune locals. The restaurant is known for its kebabs, selection of biryanis and delicacies like Mutton Ukkad and Chicken Meeth Mirchi.

Netizens had a lot of opinions about this funny X post and shared their favouirte Pune delicacies in comments. “Kothumbir Vadi at Shri Datta Snacks on the Mumbai-Pune expressway is a classified state secret. You can have it only after paying for 3 plates of poha,” commented a follower on his post.

Thecha paratha, Chana chilly and peanut chat are some names that came up in the comment thread, as did misal pav and the ‘Mastani’, which is a delicious mango drink found in Pune. “If you are a mutton lover you should also visit “Chul Mutton” and try their mutton thali. You will love it,” someone commented on the post. Pune is quite famed for its mutton dishes and besides a traditional mutton thali, some other unmissable delicacies include mutton bhakri, mutton sali boti, gavran mutton and mutton jatra.

Another X user was quick to share, “Next time in Pune try; Akhtar Samosa at Camp East Street. They have a range on Patti Samosas with filling like Kheema, Chicken, Paneer, Prawns etc.” While another remarked, “Don't forget to eat Pav Bhaji at Cream Craver, Camp.”