Eating Habits That Secretly Raise Blood Sugar Levels
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Rising blood sugar levels have a serious impact on our bodies. Blood sugar levels increase as a result of consuming carbohydrates. They are transformed into simple sugars when you ingest them. The bloodstream is subsequently filled with that glucose. Your pancreas secretes the hormone insulin as your blood sugar levels rise, which causes your cells to begin absorbing sugar from the blood. Despite taking all necessary precautions, blood sugar levels can rise for no apparent reason. Why does this occur? If specialists are to be believed, your dietary habits may be the cause of this. We sometimes make food decisions that have a detrimental effect on our blood sugar levels. These decisions are not made intentionally but our dietary habits secretly lead to an increase in sugar levels.

Here are some food habits that secretly boost our blood sugar levels-

Eating Only Carbs In A Meal-

The most common error that we all make on a regular basis is this one. It's important to balance carbohydrates with other nutrients like protein, fibre, and fats to prevent your blood sugar from rising quickly. If you only consume carbohydrates, your body will only release sugar into your bloodstream; no nutrients will be gained. However, because the body needs time to digest these nutrients when paired with lipids, protein, and fibre, it slows down the process of releasing sugar into the bloodstream.

Consuming Less Fibre

Your body's blood sugar levels will often rise if you eat less fibre than the recommended amount each day. The Mayo Clinic recommends different amounts of fibre per day for men and women. While an adult woman needs to ingest between 21 and 25 grammes of dietary fibre, an average adult man has to consume between 30 and 38 grammes. One vitamin that not only lowers blood sugar levels but also improves digestion and lowers the risk of various lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, is fibre.


Now, the majority of us might not be aware of this eating behaviour! There are many foods that contain sugar that is hidden. Everything we eat, including fruits, vegetables, cereals, fruit juices, bread, and low-fat yoghurt, has hidden sugar. When many hidden sugar sources are ingested at once, the body is severely affected and an increase in blood sugar levels results. It's critical to consider the bigger picture in this situation and to examine all processed meals objectively. Look at the nutrition label and ingredients list whenever you purchase such foods to determine which ones contain hidden sugar so you can set them aside.