4 Easy Ways To Store Fresh-Cut Fruits
Image Credit: Fresh-Cut Fruits

Fruits are an easy way to keep you healthy. If included in the regular menu, many types of health problems can be easily avoided. Although sometimes we may cut more fruits than necessary, we may not know what to do with those leftover fruits. If the fruits are not stored ideally, they get spoiled within a few minutes, which is unhealthy for our body if consumed. In this state, there is no other way than to throw them in the dustbin. If you want to avoid this loss, then you must know the right way to store them. Here are four ways.


A small lemon can solve almost every problem in the house, and it can even be used to store fruits. This is because lemon prevents the oxidation of fruits, due to which neither the colour of the fruits changes nor they get rotten. To use it, put different fruits in separate bowls and then sprinkle a little lemon juice on them. Now keep these bowls in the fridge. After this remedy, your fruits will not rot for six to eight hours.


Aluminium foil is something that is easily found in every home. If you have leftover fruits and want to store them for a long time, you can also take the help of aluminium or plastic foil. For this, first, you pierce the cut fruits with the use of a fork. Now put them in a bowl, wrap them well using aluminium or plastic foil and easily keep these fruits in the fridge. 


This is the most effective and accessible way to save fruits. If you have some leftover fruits and want to eat them as evening snacks, adopt this remedy. For this, put cold water and ice in a bowl and place the cut fruits in it. This will not change the fruit's colour and is a great way to save fruit for three to four hours. 


If you don't like the lemon's taste and want to keep the cut fruits fresh for a long time, sprinkle citric acid on them. The most significant advantage of using citric acid is that it does not change the taste of fruits and helps them remain fresh for ten to twelve hours.