10 Easy Ways To Spruce Up Boring Recipes
Image Credit: Spruce Up Boring Recipes

You must have all been there; you taste your dishes and find the flavours dull after cooking the whole dish. You may always find that something is missing but not pretty sure what's it. So, let us face it; some foods, particularly wholesomer foods, can instead taste flat, i.e. lack the complexity and depth which make certain meals flavorful. So, what to do to get these recipes to the following level? Well, we are bringing various solutions to this dilemma. So next time your dish seems to lack flavour, follow the below suggestions to improve your cooking speed and make delicious food. Do you know these small tips can make your simple food tasty?

Best Cooking Methods

  1. Rajma or urad (lentils): While making urad dal or rajma, don't add salt while boiling it in water; instead, add salt after the dal is cooked. Add two tbsp of rice flour to the mixture while making lentils. Chillies will make it crispier. 
  2. Tandoori roti: To make the tandoori chapati soft, while kneading the dough, add some curd and knead the dough with lukewarm water. Tandoori chapati will become crispy and soft. 
  3. Idli: Add a spoonful of sugar, two pieces of bread to a mug of coconut water and mix it. Blending it in the idli mix makes the yeast grow well. 
  4. Dumplings: While making dumplings, if a pinch of arrowroot and a little hot oil is mixed, they'll become tastier and crunchier. 
  5. Curd: Looking for sour cream to set curd? Put a green chilli in tepid milk to get the curd ready. 
  6. Hing-jeera: Instead of roasting asafoetida-cumin in the raita, add asafoetida-cumin tadka to it. 
  7. Onions: While frying onions adding a little sugar will get the onions brown immediately. 
  8. Coconut milk: Add coconut milk to the idli dosa mixture to get rid of sourness. 
  9. Rice: Mixing lemon juice with water while cooking rice makes the rice tastier. 
  10. Sattu: Add sattu to the gravy will thicken it and make the sauce tasty. 

So what's the delay? Incorporate these points in your cooking from today itself and make tasty food.