4 Easy Ways To Peel Garlic Cloves
Image Credit: Ways To Peel Garlic

Whether it is lentils or vegetables, the magic behind their enhanced flavour is the taste and smell of garlic. But whenever it comes to peeling, we get stressed because it's a pretty challenging and time-consuming task. Therefore, preparations are made in advance if any recipe requires garlic (starting with peeling it). But today, we are telling you four ways to peel garlic efficiently and in less time. Before you get to the peeling part, let us tell you that while buying garlic, keep in mind that it should be clean, dry, and large. 

Four ways to peel garlic

  1. Peel garlic manually: To peel garlic, first, press the whole garlic with your finger to separate all its buds. Now take a vessel with a deep bottom. Place 4-5 buds in the pot, cover it and shake the jar vigorously, separating all the garlic buds. When you open it, the buds will be separate, but the peel will not be removed. Now shake the pot again for some time; by doing this, most buds will peel off. 
  2. Peel garlic with a knife: To peel the garlic, place the sharp part of the knife on the garlic bud. Bend the tip inside the bud and then press the blade slightly. Doing this will separate the peel of the garlic. But adopt this method only if garlic is to be used immediately. Because crushed garlic gets spoiled if kept for a long time. 
  3. Peel garlic with water: To peel garlic, take water in a bowl and heat it. Now put garlic cloves in lukewarm water and dip it lightly. Leave it for ten minutes so that the peel becomes a little clean. Then rub the garlic with your hand; doing this will remove the peel of the garlic. 
  4. Peel garlic with a rolling pin: It is easiest to peel garlic with a rolling pin, taking less effort and time. Just like you run the rolling pin on the dough, roll it on the garlic too. In this case, the peel will separate itself, which you can remove later.