Easy Ways To Flavour Your Plain Rice

White rice may not seem like the most unusual grain available when it comes to grains. But it's not that way. With just a little bit of extra work, white rice may very quickly become much more fascinating. White rice typically refers to plain, steaming white rice, but the grain is much more than that. In actuality, spicing up white rice and transforming it into a more rich and more distinctive component of any meal can be done quickly by adding various seasonings, experimenting with cooking liquids, and attempting other means of flavouring. But it's vital to talk about preparation before moving on to the taste possibilities. Since rice is such a common food, it is important to prepare it properly. Additionally, while brown is a better alternative to white rice, adding them to your family's diet can be a simple way to add more nutrition. 

In addition to increasing your ingredient repertoire, experimenting with new ways to cook rice offers additional advantages. For starters, rice truly pairs well with most foods, and experimenting might lead you to discover new cuisines. Additionally, it is easy, white rice is very adaptable. It works well as a main dish, a side dish, a dessert, and even as the foundation for a main entrée. 

There are various different ways to add brightness and flavour to white rice, so if your rice-cooking routine has grown boring and you're interested in switching things up, you have plenty of options. 

Salt and Butter: One of the simplest methods for giving plain white rice a bit extra flavour is really easy and frequently made using things you already have at home. All you have to do to make the rice fluffier and richer is to add a little bit of butter and salt. 

Bay Leaf: The spice known as bay leaf is unusual. Since they definitely provide a unique flavour, they are frequently indispensable in soups, curries, and numerous other meals. However, they are also rarely consumed, Bay leaves are frequently removed from meals before serving even though they are not technically inedible. 

Spices: Rice can benefit from the depth and taste of spices in addition to bay leaves. There are actually an infinite number of additions you may attempt, including creating your own mixes to see what works best for you and the food you're preparing. With white rice, spices like cumin, saffron, five-spice powder, and many others can be a fun and unique way to experiment. Each of these spices has a specific advantage. 

Chicken Broth: Who is to say that rice must be cooked in water? It turns out that the type of cooking liquid you use can have a significant impact on the overall flavour of the rice, and one of the easiest ways to replace the water used to boil the rice is with chicken broth. 

Coconut Milk: You can substitute different cooking liquids for rice in addition to chicken and other broths. Another excellent and distinctive option for rice is coconut milk. A common ingredient in a wide range of ethnic cuisines, including soups and desserts, coconut milk is made from ripe coconut flesh that has been mixed with water and filtered. 

Orange Juice: Although it may sound unusual, orange juice is another liquid that may give white rice some really intriguing and unexpected flavours. It is true to state that not every food will pair well with rice cooked in orange juice.