Easy Tips To Remove Gas Pipe From Regulator
Image Credit: youtube.com

Changing gas pipes is quite a difficult task for many of us. Once a gas pipe is fitted, it only needs to be removed after months. But removing it isn’t an easy job. As a result, we often cut the pipe instead of removing it. However, due to frequent disconnection, the size of the gas pipe also gets shorter over time. Nowadays, most people use rubber or plastic gas pipes, but both are tough to remove. However, as carefully as the gas pipe is installed, the same care should be taken while removing it. In such a situation, there are some easy ways with the help of which the gas pipe can be removed immediately without any effort.

  • Pour hot water: If you find it difficult to remove the gas pipe, heat two or three glasses of water in a container. Then, pour a little hot water on the regulator or the side of the stove, wherever you want to remove the pipe from. The pipe will become a bit soft after that, and you can try to remove it after that. When hot water is being spilt on the pipe, put a vessel under it, so the water doesn't fall on the tiles or floor.

  • Cut the pipe from the side: To remove the pipe from the gas stove or regulator's side, you should slightly cut it quickly. From where you are trying to remove the tube, make a small straight cut and pull the gas pipe with your hands. This will, without any effort, remove the gas pipe immediately.


Although removing a gas pipe to your stove may seem strenuous, it's possible. If the steps mentioned earlier are correctly executed with care and safety, anybody can remove gas pipes from stoves at home. However, if you are facing a persistent issue with your gas stove, it might indicate the reinstallation of a new gas pipe. Other vital indications contain pipe breakage, gas leakage, etc.