4 Easy Tips To Prevent Milk From Curdling
Image Credit: E. How

Apart from fruits and vegetables, many other foods spoil quickly in summer. Hence, it's essential to store them properly. In summer, the problem is that we cannot store milk for a long time as it curdles quickly. This problem often occurs even after keeping it in the fridge. Sometimes, milk does not curdle all the way, but its taste gets spoiled. Try these tricks if you want to store milk for a long time without a fridge.

Use a clean vessel to boil milk

Sometimes, we feel that the utensils are clean, but they are not. Therefore, check whether the vessel is clean or not whenever you boil milk. If you are in a dilemma, wash the container once with water. After this, pour one or two spoons of water before pouring milk into the vessel. This will control the milk from sticking to the bottom and help the cream freeze well.

Boil the milk 4 times in 24 hours

To prevent milk from curdling in summer, boil it about four times in 24 hours and do not keep the flame of the gas high while simmering. After two to three boils, turn off the gas and when the milk gets lukewarm, cover it a bit so that space remains in the plate and the pot. The milk sometimes also curdles if it’s fully covered. So, keep a little space between the lid and the vessel.

Use baking soda

We often forget to boil milk, so you have to try a little trick for this. When you put milk on the gas to boil, add a pinch of baking soda to it and mix it with the help of a spoon. It will not curdle while boiling. 

Ways to boil packaged milk

  • Although experts say packaged milk need not be boiled for a long time, it is already pasteurised to remain sterile and preserved. Reheating reduces the nutrients present in it. So, try to finish the milk in a few hours after getting it home.
  • To prevent it from spoiling for those few hours, wet a jute sack with cold water and wrap the milk packet in it for some time. Also, check the expiry date before using the packaged milk.