Easy Tips And Tricks to Know if a Vegetable is Worth Buying
Image Credit: Vegetables (Picture Courtesy: Pixabay)

Fresh vegetables not only taste good but are also rich in nutritional profile. They start losing nutrients soon after the harvest. For example, spinach can potentially lose up to 90 per cent of its vitamin C within 24 hours of being plucked off. While buying veggies, do not confuse between fresh and ripe. The latter means a particular veggie or fruit has reached its peak maturity. These items do not have much shelf life. You should ideally look for locally grown and freshly harvested produce. In addition, pick only the seasonal fruit or vegetables. 

If you are one of those people who face difficulty in figuring out if the vegetable in front of them is fresh or not, you should stop worrying anymore. We have come to your rescue. Here are a few smart tricks and tips that can help you buy fresh vegetables every day. 

Focus on Appearance

The looks of vegetables say a lot about them. They are a clue to their freshness. You should always go for veggies that are bright in colour and have no molds or dark spots. That’s because spots can rapidly decay the entire vegetable. In addition, veggies with wrinkled skin should not be opted for as that’s a sign of old vegetables. 


By sniffing the vegetables, you can figure out a lot about their freshness. Fresh produce smells fresh however, the old ones either do not have a strong smell or exude a pungent smell. That’s why always sniff your veggie before buying.

Touch Test

Vegetables like cucumbers, peppers, zucchini are firm when fresh while head lettuce, tomatoes and mushrooms are slightly springy when fresh. Moreover, staples like onions that are good to buy give a solid feeling. Those with mushy texture lack freshness. 

Now you know what factors to keep in mind while roaming around your vegetable market and doing the inspection. Visit your local market and pick the right item for you and your family. Thank us later!