Easy Mustard And Balsamic Sauce Recipes For Your Weekend Roast
Image Credit: Pexels

Weekends are usually about grand meals and at least one of them has to be a roast, right? Whether you make a whole cauliflower roast or roast potatoes, a whole roast chicken or a bit more experimental roast lamb, the fact remains that a weekend feast without a roast dish at its centre feels incomplete. And while you may easily whip up that roast meal with meat, veggies and some stunning bread, the one thing you need to tie everything together is a stunner sauce. 

A sauce is something that is usually poured over a roast dish, whether it be chicken or veggies. Often, the sauce also doubles as a wonderful glaze that adds colour and flavour to the roast. Usually served in sauce jugs—as you might have seen in high-end restaurants—there are many sauces that are served with roast dishes. Many of these are French in origin and quite difficult to nail—they require a fine balance of wines and other ingredients after all.  

But if you are looking for the easiest sauces to pair with your roast dishes this weekend, then don’t worry, you won’t have to learn a French classic from scratch (unless you want to, of course). Instead, you can go for two of the easiest sauces in the world which literally take minutes to whip up and can be nailed by even beginner-level cooks. Here are the easy-peasy recipes for a creamy, smooth and savoury Mustard Sauce, and an earthy, deliciously sweet-and-sour Balsamic Sauce. 

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Mustard Sauce 

This one goes really well with chicken roast, roast lamb and even roast cauliflowers. The taste of mustard, which usually has a bit of pungence, is offset by the addition of cream, which makes this mustard sauce for roasts a very light side indeed. Here’s the recipe. 


½ cup Dijon mustard 

½ cup fresh cream 

1 tsp white pepper powder 

Salt, to taste 


1. Place the Dijon mustard and fresh cream in a small pan. 

2. Gently fold the both in, then add the salt and white pepper powder. 

3. Now set the pan on the lowest possible heat and keep stirring. 

4. Let the sauce come to a gently simmer while you keep stirring it. 

5. Cook the sauce for a minute or until it thickens a bit. 

6. Check the taste then pour into a sauce jug. 

7. Serve the Mustard Sauce at room temperature or while still hot. 

Balsamic Sauce 

Thick, dark and so utterly earthy in flavour that you just can’t get enough of it, this Balsamic Sauce goes really well with all types of roasts and fries. Whether you have roasted veggies or a meaty centrepiece like chicken, lamb or ham, this is the recipe that will wow everyone. 


2 cups balsamic vinegar 

½ cup brown sugar 

1 tsp black pepper powder 


1. Place the balsamic vinegar and brown sugar in a small pan. 

2. Gently mix both and add the black pepper powder. 

3. Now, set the pan on a low flame and keep stirring. 

4. Let the balsamic sauce come to a gentle simmer. 

5. Keep stirring the sauce until the sugar dissolves completely.  

6. Check the taste—the Balsamic Sauce should be slightly sweet and slightly sour. 

7. Pour the Balsamic Sauce into a sauce jug. 

8. Serve the Balsamic sauce at room temperature.