Easter Special Hot Cross Buns And Carrot Cake By Chef Prem K Pogakula
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Easter is all about family time, going to church, egg hunts and more. But the fun just doesn’t end here. Of al the many easter food traditions, like dyeing eggs in bright colours or eating roast lamb or cured ham or glazed ham or the eleven marzipan balls or the hot cross buns are much older traditions that can be tracked back to across centuries.  There are many Easter food traditions which vary from culture to culture. 

It is Easter and time for some merry making for grown-ups and children alike. Symbolising new life, given that Easter itself is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, The Imperial ushers in the festivities with Easter Brunch this Sunday on 17th April 2022 at  1911 restaurant, featuring  classic and popular hand-picked gourmet favourites with live carvings. It’s Easter Egg time in the city so the children will get to drool over Easter carrot cake, chocolates bunnies, Easter eggs and many more special treats at La Baguette- French Patisserie for the Easter Week, hand-crafted by Junior Pastry Chef Anoop Rawat.

Chef Prem K Pogakula- Executive Chef at The Imperial New Delhi, says “Part of the menu for the Easter Brunch is distinct every year but we always continue to offer traditional and the most loved specialties. The flavours are mostly classic and rustic with a twist to some dishes, for an exclusive spread. Coming to selecting the recipes, I always work towards curating an experience featuring rural traditional cuisine rather than a typical urban feast. I strongly believe that the original taste and authenticity lie in country side food.  Also for special orders, we have some exclusive live carving stations with hot roasts and grills while for children we have a thematic Easter desserts to indulge in.”

Talking about the Brunch menu Chef Prem says “The Easter brunch menu features specialties like Cumin scented beetroot and carrot tartare with rucola and goat cheese, Smoked salmon with caper berries, Smoked duck with citrus fruit, Roasted corn fed chicken, Stuffed Roasted leg of lamb, Tiger prawns ala plancha lemon coriander emulsion, Eggplant Mille Feuille with tomatoes and olives, Ratatouille and many more delectable recipes for an elaborate feast, making a celebratory Sunday for you and your family.”

Here's the recipe of Hot cross buns and Carror cake by Chef Prem K Pogakula- Executive Chef The Imperial New Delhi

Carrot Cake


    100 Gm Carrot              

    68 Gm Flour-                   

    68 Gm Castor Sugar   

    1 Egg                         

    68 Gm Oil                         

    2 gm Baking Soda   

    2 gm Baking Powder

    2gm Salt                   

    48 Gm Walnut           

    2 Gm Cinnamon        


    Grate carrot and squeeze out the excess water.

    Take egg oil and sugar and mix together.

    In a large mixing bowl take all dry ingredients.

    Mix dry ingredients with wet ingredients.

    Pour the mix into a lined mould and bake at 180 *c for 25-30 mins.

    Decorate with Easter theme garnish.

Hot Cross Bun: 

Makes : 16 no.

Ingredients :

    80 gm Butter- 

    2 Egg 

    48 gm Sugar 

    8 gm Salt 

    16gm Yeast  

    80 ml Milk  

    40 ml Water 

    20 ml Rum 

    480 gm Flour 

    4 gm Clove pwd. 

    4 gm Spice Mix Cinnamon pwd. , Ginger pwd., Mace pwd.,Cardamom pwd.)

    40 gm Raisin 

Julipan :

    40 ml Milk

    40 gm Breakfast Sugar 

    40 gm Flour


1)      Mix Flour and Spices  together.

2)      Mix the rest of ingredients together except raisins and Salt

3)      Fold Flour mix in above mix and then add Salt

4)      Finally add the Raisins and make a dough.

5)     Prove dough for 30 mins.

6)      Roll buns on a lined tray and leave them to prove.

7)      Mix milk, breakfast sugar & flour together  to make Julipan and fill in a piping bag.

8)      Pipe  Julipan cross over the buns .

9)      Egg wash and sprinkle grain sugar over the buns.

10)  Bake for 20 mins at 180 C.