Easter 2024: Rum To Vodka, 6 Lively Spirits To Uplift Your Feast
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Easter is celebrated with tremendous revelry among Catholic communities as the holiday symbolises the rebirth of Christ. Families spend this day together, engaging in fun-filled activities like Easter egg hunts as well as indulging in a grand dinner feast to mark the special occasion. Similar to Thanksgiving, the centre-piece of Easter dinner is usually a meat-based dish, such as glazed ham or lamb. Similarly, foods like casseroles, salads, and roasted vegetables serve as Easter special side dishes.

Other traditional Easter foods include hot cross buns, and desserts, such as pies, puddings, and playful chocolate-coated Easter bunnies. No ornate feast or celebration is complete without drinks to accompany the tasty treats on offer. Not only do drinks help in making toasts, but they also play a vital part in accentuating the flavours of the painstakingly crafted foods. For example, single malt spirits are believed to pair exceedingly well with roast vegetables, adding a richness to them.

Check out the top 6 spirits to pair with your Easter dinner.


Endowed with translucent and somewhat acidic undertones, gin blends surprisingly well with dishes that hold citrusy or herb-infused flavours. As established above, salads make prominent Easter side dishes. So, herby salads or roast vegetables can be enjoyed with a glass of gin. If your lamb or ham main dish is also coated in herbs, ensure that you consume it in accompaniment with some gin. Gin can also be relished with citrusy desserts, such as lemon tarts or orange-infused pies.

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Dark, aged and spiced rums mix effortlessly with both sweet and savoury Easter delicacies; they infuse necessary amounts of vibrancy and dimension to the dishes. It’s also recommended to use some rum as a glaze for your roasted side dishes and mains to highlight the earthiness of both the food as well as the spirit. Rum also highlights the sweetness of foods crafted from potatoes and pumpkins. Rum can also be relished with sinful desserts.

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Scotch Whiskey

A premium quality scotch whisky boasts a rustic flavour, usually peppered with fruity hints. Thus, smoked or cured meats frequently served as appetisers or roasted main and side dishes that possess a golden-brown caramelised surface are typically paired with a glass of scotch on the rocks. The scotch’s pungency is sure to elevate the taste profile of these dishes. Fruit-based desserts, such as baked apples or pear tarts can also be relished alongside a glass of scotch.

Single Malt

Single malt whiskies are usually bursting with layers of flavour that can accentuate particular Easter dishes. For instance, if you choose to serve a charcuterie board as an appetiser, a single malt can enhance to the lusciousness and the robustness of cured meats and aged cheeses. Herb-filled roasts, whether prepared using meat or vegetables, also merge flawlessly with the smokiness of single malt. When it comes to dessert, chocolates and nuts form great accompaniments to single malts.

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Piercing, spicy, and exhilarating, tequila is an invigorating spirit that’s usually a fixture in Easter menus that centre Mexican dishes, such as jalapeño poppers, salsas, chips and dips, corn and beans salads, and more; these dishes are typically served as appetisers, side dishes, and occasionally, as sauces. The flavourful, tangy, and zesty notes offered by tequila form an enticing pairing with the aforementioned dishes to help craft a unique and an unforgettable Easter menu.

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Renowned for its subtle flavour, vodka gives traditional Easter dishes a clean foundation to showcase their deep and complex flavours. Further, vodka is a versatile spirit; therefore, it can be paired with multiple courses. For example, vodka makes a great pairing with creamy dips that are served as appetisers; it also helps elevate light and refreshing salads, and vegetable-infused side dishes, as well as fruit-based tarts, pies, and puddings.