Durban: The Food City With Indian Influences You Must Visit
Image Credit: street food at Durban (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Durban, a small city in South Africa that has lovely weather all year round, is popular for its street food scene. In fact, the city takes influences from India, Zulu (an ethnic tribe in South Africa) and the whites in South Africa. This blend of culture and food specialities makes the city of Durban a reigning champion of street foods. 

It mixes curries from India with an added touch of South African spices and herbs. If you ever visit, a spoon of their bunny chow, walky talky, and shisa nyama will blow your mind. Here is a little more about these tantalizing foods. 

Bunny Chow

A dish brought by Indian immigrants that have now gained international popularity. In fact because of its sheer popularity, bunny chow is sold not just in Durban but also in other parts of South Africa. Basically, bunny chow is a hollowed bread roll filled with either meat curry or beans. In a restaurant called Little Gujrat on Edward Street in Durban, vegetarian bunny chow is the go-to meal. 


Restaurants in many parts of Durban serve rotis to go alongside other dishes. They primarily used it to scoop and soak curries but it also works as a quick snack. A restaurant called Johnny’s Rotis has mass visits just for a bite of roti. It’s also called a hangover snack around the district.

Walky Talky

A walky talky might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But it is exactly because of the ew factor that it has become some of the popular street foods in Durban. Walky Talky is chicken feet and chicken head that have been shredded to look like fries. Die-hard fans of this stuff will tell you that it is actually really delicious, saucy and well-seasoned. While this does share direct relations with Indian cuisine, it does operate on the Indian philosophy against wastage.