Drew Barrymore’s Unique Way Of Eating Pizza Shocks The Internet
Image Credit: Image: Instagram

An Italian delicacy that is loved around the world, pizza is also a comfort food for many. Whether you prefer the thin-crust, the wood-fired, or the simple homemade version - there is no way you can resist a slice of a freshly baked pizza. It has a universal appeal for people from all age groups - from kids to teenagers and even adults. But more than the different types of pizza, the debate is often over the right way to eat a pizza. 

Pizza enthusiasts have many different ways to eat the all-time favourite delicacy. While some say they begin from the middle portion, others prefer eating the crust first. Some would fold their pizza into half, while others enjoy it as is. But rarely you would have come across the way Hollywood actor Drew Barrymore eats her pizza.   

The Charlie's Angels actor went viral online after she shared a video of herself eating a pizza in the most bizarre way possible. After sharing a video on her Instagram handle, Drew received mixed reactions from netizens, with the clip of her eating pizza raking in millions of views. In it, she demonstrated her unique style of eating pizza, which could be useful for anyone trying to go gluten-free or avoid bread altogether. 

In the video, Drew was spotted with a delicious pizza in front of her. It looked absolutely delicious with capsicum and olives on top. But it seems like the 47-year-old actor had a different plan for the heavenly toppings. She first took the pizza slice and removed all the toppings and cheese from it, placing them on a plate. She then kept the bread aside and explained what she was trying to do. "I just take the toppings and a little salad, which has basically all the same toppings as the pizza, and I make a pizza salad," she said in the video, adding, "I mix it up, and it's actually really crunchy and delicious." The actor, however, also said that she felt guilty about the food wastage, but agreed that the pizza salad she made gave her the satisfaction of eating a pizza. Take a look at the video:

While it may be satisfying for Drew, the internet seemed baffled. Some could not believe that she was actually destroying a delicious pizza just to avoid some bread. "How dare you do this to a pizza," said one user, while another added, "There's something wrong with you!" Even though many users found this bizarre, there were some who actually wanted to try it too. "They should make pizza bowls that are nothing but toppings and cheese," said one user.