Dosa to Kheer: 7 Bajra Dishes You Can Make At Home
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The interest in knowing more about millets since the United Nations announced 2023 to be the International Year of the Millet has been growing. And while most people love the taste of millets like jowar, ragi and samak, many stay quite far away from bajra or pearl millet. The reason may be that pearl millets take a lot of time. It can also be due to the fact that when cooked without washing properly, bajra tends to be a bit earthy and unlikeable in texture.

And yet, when cooked right, bajra can taste great and be used in a plethora of Indian and non-Indian dishes. This is especially true for winter months, when consuming bajra can provide your body with a lot of energy, heat and warmth. What’s more, it's gluten-free and rich in nutrients, making it a healthier alternative than any other refined grains. 

So, ready to explore the world of bajra this winter? Here are seven bajra or pearl millet dishes you can easily make at home to kick-start your wholesome diet.

1. Bajra Khichdi

The Indian side is rich, full of nutrients and called bajra khichdi; it is cooked from pearl millet with rice and dal. One pot of healthy eating; often spiced with coriander and cumin! Bajra has a hearty texture, which complements the softness of rice, making this meal rich in fibre and nutritious content. Bajra khichdi is more than a meal; it’s a wonderful combination of tastes and a healthy option for those looking for a satisfying, comforting experience.

2. Bajra Pulao

Bajra pulao is a healthy and tasty food, which uses not only bajra but also various spices as well. Pulaos is an Indian dish consisting of cooked bajra mixed together with cumin, coriander, and other condiments, resulting in a mouth-watering meal. The inclusion of bajra which is a nutty grain, makes the meal more delicious as well as nutritious for consumption. It has been argued that consuming this type of rice is equally delicious as it is nutritious for people who want to incorporate the merits of millet foodstuffs in their meals.

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An Indian delicacy Bajra laddoo, where the pearly richness of bajra combines with the sweetness of jaggery. They are healthy bite-size spheres that promise a nutritious indulgence. Bajra is an earthy flavour that balances well with the caramel tones of jaggery, which makes for a tasty combination. In India, Bajra laddoo are a traditional delicacy that is made for festivities. It provides energy and often forms a snack.

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5. Bajre Ki Kheer

Bajra ki kheer is a mouthwatering Indian sweet with bajra flour, milk, and sugar. It’s a different take on regular Kheer that adds a rich, nutty taste and consistency. This dish is made with bajra, which is high in fibre and provides nutrition. Chopped nuts are usually added to enhance the flavour and bring satisfaction in any meal. Kheer, made from bajra demonstrates the nutritional side of the Indian cuisines enriched in culture.

6. Bajra Chicken Salad

The delicious, healthy, and hearty combo to eat is a bajra chicken salad. Bajra mixed with boiled and shredded chicken, veggies, aromatic herbs and dressing. Bajra is an ideal accompaniment for the soft chicken, providing the desired combination for a wholesome meal. This fusion salad is rich in vital nutrients and combines different types of textures and flavours, thus providing a filling and flavorful meal option.

7. Bajra Soup

Bajra soup is a hearty and nutritious dish crafted from pearl millet, a versatile grain rich in fibre and essential nutrients. This wholesome soup, often seasoned with aromatic spices, showcases the earthy flavour of bajra while providing a comforting warmth. Packed with health benefits, it offers a delightful alternative to conventional soups. Bajra's nutty taste, combined with the soothing broth makes this soup a delightful and nourishing choice for those seeking a wholesome culinary experience.