Don’t Let The Kale Chane Waste, Make These Instead

Who doesn't enjoy eating choley puris? On the day of Ashtmi or Navami, the morning is filled with the sweet and savoury fragrances of them within the house. We eagerly get out of bed on to eat the traditional dish that is made for bhog. This meal is made even more tempting by the fact that it is only prepared twice a year. Kale chane, which is simple but wonderful, sweet halwa, and fried poori seem to be a match made in culinary heaven. This excellent meal is served for breakfast in practically all Indian homes, and many of us also eat it for lunch, although a third serving seems excessive. The majority of the time, even after being overloaded on them, we are left with unfinished chane. Previously, it broke our hearts to watch how our beloved chane was being wasted. 

Here, we've provided some fantastic suggestions that can help you prepare another delicious meal using the leftover chane. These can be had as evening snacks, dinner, or even the next morning's breakfast. You have complete flexibility as to whether to include onions and garlic or not. The amount of additional seasoning should be adjusted to account for the fact that the cooked chane are already seasoned. 

Kala Chana Kebab 

Combine the brown bread, seasonings, and no or little water when grinding the dry kale chana. Roundels can be created by lightly kneading it. Then prepare mouthwatering kebabs to go with your evening tea by cooking from both sides. 

Chana Chaat 

The simplest snack you can make with the leftover chane is this. Add them to the cooked potatoes along with the chilli powder and roasted cumin powder. Enjoy a wonderful teatime session and add a squeeze of lemon. 

Chana Poha 

We all have a special fondness for poha as a morning meal. With this kale chane poha, try something different this time. The fact that you don't have to soak and boil the chane from scratch is the finest part. Treat yourself to a delicious breakfast the following morning by adding additional poha-specific ingredients. 

Chana Masala  

Have some gravy with your favourite sukhe kale chane for dinner and enjoy the same flavour. Add the cooked chane to the gravy that is already cooking, then serve with rice or roti for dinner. 

Chana Soup 

If your stomach is wailing for relief after chowing down on bowls of halwa all day, prepare this nourishing and light kala chana soup. Add your preferred vegetables and seasonings.