Do You Know What To Pair With Your Beer?

What you eat along with your brew vcan actually elevate the experience or just kill it. The alcohol notes of not taken or dealth properly can surely be disastrous. Talk about guzzling some refreshment, Beer has always been the favourite when you want something cool and feel that kick. But give the thought we rarely think before ordering your food as to what will go well with it. Beer is actually a great match with most food items due to varied complexity of its flavours and yet giving that much needed refreshment. Believe you me that beer to more food friendly than more alcohol on the table. 

Shantanu Upadhyay, Co-Founder & CEO, Kati Patang says Our Saffron Lager ( a clean and crisp lager mildly steeped in Saffron) works fabulously with spicy Indian curries, burritos and barbecue ribs while if you are having our Snappy wheat with hints of turmeric, ginger, peppercorn can be paired with a number of foods ranging from aloo chaat, spicy chowmein to Buffalo wings, and the Zesty Amber with its dry, complex yet smooth finish is great for cleaning the palate. It works heavenly with pizzas, pasta, Sushi and sausage”. 

Breweries across the globe have been primarily focusing on get the game right of paring complex brews. There may not be any as such tight rule for sure there are some food items like Cheese, Sandwiches, Burgers, Pizza, Chicken, Seafood, Pasta or even a sushi that surely compliments the brew. 

Shifa Rastogi, Brand Head, Kimaya Himalayan Beverages is of the opinion “BeeYoung by Kimaya Himalayan Beverages, India’s first strong craft brew that is artfully curated with choicest of fine ingredients sourced from around the world, bringing punchy, vibrant, rich, smooth & aromatic flavours to life.  BeeYoung, by Kimaya Himalayan Beverages is made with choices of quality ingredients like Argentinean two- row barley, saaz hop, and pristine himalayan water sourced from Bhakra Dam. The balanced flavours - crispy, aromatic, fruity yet malty  makes it an ideal pairing with any cuisine especially something that ups the spice quotient. Driven by balanced taste and flavor, it can be infused in snacks/dishes as one of ingredients in preparation, for example- beer battered prawns, beer fried chicken, beer butter sauce, open Chicken burrito, and a few desserts too!! Ain’t these sound irresistible?” It can also be paired up with mixers too to be served as a beer cocktail such as Ginger shandy, Michelada, etc for a perfect Christmas spread pairing with delectable Turkey!

With the beer culture catching up as fine wine or whiskey industry, beer aficionados are also heading towards becoming the sommeliers of a beverage. With craft porters, stouts, amber ales, hefeweizens, dunkels, brown ales and more filling up the shelf Suraj - Brewmaster URU Brewpark thinks “Beer like lager or kolsch can be paired with light food or salads. They also go great with Thai curry, noodles & a pizzas while the wheat pair well with tart fruit desserts as well as spicy food dishes. Keep your dark and strong beers for fried food, dense pizza & barbeque dishes seems a  good  combination of  craft beers & food. 

Don’t be shocked to know that even chocolate goes great with beer. The signature bitterness of the drink goes with the sweeter note. Amit Mishra, Master Brewer, Byg brewski brewing co Bangalore adds “Festival Home-Brews & Culinary treats are in order during the chilled evenings this Holiday season! Dopplebock is a fantastic winter warming beer at Byg Brewski Brewing Company.It pours a dark ruby brown colour and has a malty sweetness to it, with dark fruit notes resembling prunes and raisins. It's a very food-friendly brew that works well with just about everything. Our Mulberry chocolate mousse cake goes best with our Dopplebock. It’s just an heavenly pair. Doppelbocks are high in alcohol content and low in bitterness, making them great for this holiday season.

This Christmas move away from the conventional ideas of food pairing with wine and gin rather resort to beer, as it is a more flexible food pairing option than any other beverage.