Do You Know What Kiara Advani Is Binging On In-Between Shoots?

It’s no un known fact that stars love to share glimpse of their life be it what they eat, where they go or what they wear via the social photo sharing app the Instagram. Just 2 hoirs ago she shared a pic in her story that sees some Potato wedges, a burger and a dip. She writes “On a diet, thanks @akshayarora3, Shoot life” with few emojis. 

Earlier Kiara had also shared that she has her day starts with a warm water with a dash of lemon juice and breakfast to be followed by some oats along with berries or just apples and oranges. She believes that hot water and lemon detoxifies her body. 

While by the time of lunch which is 12:30 for her she always has ghar ka khana for her during lunch. But while at home she digs into some naachni roti and talking about veggies, she alternates them with spinach, sprouts, bhindi, and pumpkin to name a few, while for dinner she chooses to have some fish like salmon, red snapper, king mackerel or pomfret or even keep her dinner same as lunch. An early lunch also acts a post workout meal fir her. Her in between meal munchies are mostly where Kiara snacks on nuts and figs.

But do you know this iconic combination of having a burger with some fries or wedges that’s an American staple saw this combination for the 1st time in 1921 when White Castle, a fast-food chain first served French fries next to burgers. It’s said that they they may have gotten idea from WW1 soldiers when returning from Europe and those who had gotten a taste for fried potatoes already in Belgium. Fries were cheap and east to make also not the type of thing that one would make at home. 

Do you know about these unique burgers that happen to be a craze in the US. 

Berries & Brie Burger

This one made with Grange Hall’s Berries and Brie Burger sees the use of grass-fed beef, topped with brie, arugula, mixed berry compote, Dijon aioli along with some red wine balsamic reduction. The stuffing or either inside a gluten free bun or anything of your choice. 

Spiced Lamb Burger

This classic burger with a thick rich meat patty is served with some tzatziki, red onion and arugula. You can choose you brioche bread. 

Bash Style

 This one from New York prepared from some onion and home-made bacon jam, pickles, cheese and a special sauce is an ab absolute happiness right from first bite. 

Dry Aged Brewery Burger

This one sinfully sees a burst of Gruyere and truffle aioli. This is then topped with some arugula, heirloom tomato, caramelized onion and either a choice of your fried egg or slab bacon.