The Earliest Known Reference To Sausage Dates To Greece?
Image Credit: The history can be traced back to Greece

Most English breakfast plate is incomplete with some sausages, bakes beans and more. These cylinder-shaped meat products encased in a skin, sausages have become an integral of our meal in some way or the other. They have become the number 1 ‘in-home meal’ option. 

The cold cut meat that we are talking about Sausages chopped meat that is mostly made with chicken, lamb, beef or pork and is seasoned with salt and spices. The casings is mostly the intestine or paraffin-treated fabric bags and dry (cured) sausages can be stored and refrigerated for days. These cooked and dry sausages that quick and ready to eat make for great breakfast and snack option. Different countries and different cities see their own variety of sausages which are mostly influenced by the availability of ingredients as well as the climate.

The history can be tracked back to Greece /Pic-

But tracing back the history of this ready to eat meal, it can be tracked back to Greece in the eighth or ninth century B.C.E. They were probably invented with the idea of preserving blood, offal, and small scraps of meat in convenient edible containers. Making of sausages almost began over two thousand years ago and was the basic practices that were seen in old civilisations. The so called first mention can be fund in a Greek play called “The Orya,” or “The Sausage,” that was written about 500 B.C. and post that the word was much frequently used in Greek writings. Romans too loved their sausages and became popular for festive occasions too. While at point in ancient history these humble sausages might have been the meal of frugality but now they have evolved gourmet worthy attention.

Here are few variety from across the world

Bratwurst — Germany

This one gets the name from Old High German phrase “brat,” meaning finely chopped, and “wurst,” sausage and the Premio’s bratwurst happens to be a delicious version of traditional German sausage. These can be grilled, steamed, broiled or cooked have it whichever way you like it. 

Chorizo — Spain

Pork makes for the main ingredients for Spanish Chorizos. The use of curing meat happens to be a common practice and a combination of chili peppers that are included in these pork sausages make the Spanish chorizo so famous. 

Italian Sausage— Italy

Origins in Italy, Italian Sausage is one of the much popular sausage that most love. These are seasoned heavily with chili and other hot ingredients and the meat is soaked overnight which gives the taste and flavour. This mix is then put into casings and then we get the final output. 

Longaniza — Argentina

These unusually long pork sausage that have been cured and dried during the preparation, Longaniza sees the use of ground anise seeds which gives the sausages its particular and distinct smell. Anise seeds also gives a subtle sweet taste. 

Laulau — Hawaii

This traditional Hawaiian dish is made traditionally by taking the pork and a few pieces of fish, and wrapping them in a particular kind of leave called luau leaves. It is then placed in an underground oven, called imu. Cooked for hours this one gets ready.