Do-Not Miss Out On These Delicious Doughnuts

The doughnut has a separate fan base of its own and honestly, it should be considered as an individual dish in itself. Today is the day to celebrate this food even more, as every year on the first Friday in June, people in the US and some other countries participate in World Doughnut Day and pay their tribute to the Salvation Army named "Doughnut Lassies". 

The army was created by some volunteer women to support the US soldiers during World War 1. They supplied coffee and fried doughnuts to warriors along with other essential commodities. This boosted the morale of the brave men at the war. Notably, ladies from the group, who used to serve those doughnuts were named "Donut Lassies." These women are still lending their support to the men on the front lines. 

These days, the doughnut has become the ultimate savior to calm our sweet cravings with its delicious flavors. A doughnut is a simple dish created by the combination of flour, sugar, eggs, and milk, and deep-fried. Though there are a plethora of desserts to try, doughnut's frosting is what makes it special from the rest of the sweets. Here, we tell you about a list of the 5 best mouth-watering doughnuts that will surely make you love them more.

Chocolate Frosted Doughnut

This simple doughnut is the perfect comfort food. This type of doughnut comes in various flavours. The softness of the dough with a heavy layering of chocolate and rainbow sprinkles makes it hard to resist. 

Glaze Doughnut Holes

This doughnut pretty much encompasses everything you want in a doughnut. It has a soft and doughy center, a slightly crisp exterior, and a sticky-sweet glaze. This sweet ball can be enjoyed with a cup of hot pipping Americano.

Chocolate Hazelnut Cream Doughnut

Chocolate hazelnut is a classic doughnut made with dark chocolate cocoa powder, topped with crushed hazelnut and a sprinkle of chocolate shavings. This type of donut has no hole and is filled with smooth rich dark chocolate pudding that oozes out as soon as you take the first bite.

Coconut Glazed Doughnut

This heavenly dessert comprises coconut flavour achieved by adding finely grated chunks of coconut to the batter. The richness of the toasted coconut provides a creamy texture that can be easily included in your list of go-to breakfast.

Éclair Doughnuts

Éclair originally came from France where it was known as "petite duchesse". This donut is a worldwide popular dessert. It features long, rectangular bars of fried dough that are center-filled with vanilla custard and with a thick coat of chocolate which is poured over the top that simply makes it tempting to eat.

Happy National Douhnut Day!