Diwali: Papad Ka Samosa By Saransh Goila Could Be Perfect For Snacking This Festive Season

Diwali season is right here and we can’t help but think of all the deliciousness we can gobble up to ring in the festivities. From traditional decadent sweets to scrumptious snacks, Diwali is the time when we can gorge on all things yummy and not regret. Picture a table full of chatpati chaat, aromatic biryani, succulent kebabs and crispy samosas, aren’t you drooling already? Talking of samosas, you might have had many varieties of it- from classic aloo, sweet and nutty khoya, paneer and even chocolate. But have you had a samosa made of papad? While the usual flaky samosa pastry is made of maida, but what if you could make it from the crispy papads? It’s like combining two different snacks altogether and making an even better one. Papad and samosas are two different snacks, relished in different ways. While papad is served as a side dish to many Indian main course meals, samosa is primarily served in snacks. And if you haven’t tried combining the two yet, Saransh Goila is here to help you with it. 

The celebrity chef prepared corn cheese cocktail samosas using papad. Yes, you read that right. He swapped the usual maida with papad and by the looks if it, the results are mouth-watering. He took to Instagram to share the entire process in a video. Goila keeps sharing interesting kitchen hacks, unique cooking videos and much more on social media and this one really has us impressed. “We tried a corn cheese cocktail samosa by using papad like a samosa patti.” he wrote in the caption.

He also gave a pro tip and wrote, “A very important step is to dork the papad with a knife or a fork, else it'll be soft and soggy because of the steam created while frying!”

Here's what Saransh Goila used for his papad cocktail samosa:

1) Papad- 6

For the filling:

1) Paneer- 100 g

2) Corn (blanched)- 100 g

3) Cheese- 100 g

4) Green Chilli – 2

5) Onion chopped – 1

6) Coriander- 2 tbsp

7) Salt- 2 tbsp


1) First divide each papad into half. Now, dork the papad (very important).

2) Fold each semi-circle into the shape of cones. Keep them aside.

3) Now make the filling. Take paneer, corn, cheese, green chili, chopped onion, coriander and salt and mix them all together.

4) Take the papad cones and fill them with the stuffing you prepared. Seal them well.

5) Deep fry on medium flame and your papad cocktail samosas are ready!

Oh how satisfying this process looks in the video. What else does a foodie need when we have fresh, crispy samosas made with papad, with a mouth-watering corn cheese and paneer filling? Take a look at the quick video:

I think our Diwali party snack table is set with this for sure. Besides this if you are hosting a party at home, we’ve got a complete dinner menu ready for you here. Do let us know if you try this samosa at home.