Diwali 2022: Ananya Panday Opts For These Healthy Vegan Treats
Image Credit: Ananya Panday/Instagram, The actor is going healthy with these vegan treats this Diwali.

With Diwali just around the corner, our homes as well as shops outside are filled with the aroma of freshly prepared sweets, tempting us all. But Ananya Panday has thought of something different this time. The actor is a sweet meat lover and since it is the festive season, she has decided to indulge in some vegan treats instead.

Recently, Ananya took to her Instagram stories to share the sweet nibbles that she will be gorging on Diwali. Nutty and crunchy barks featured in her story. What was interesting was that these were all vegan. For the uninitiated, barks are thin, crisp sheets made with chocolate or other ingredients and topped with nuts, dried fruits and other things. These sweet treats are a delight to the taste buds.  

In the picture, there were two kinds of barks. One was a white chocolate bark, with flavours of thandai and topped with dried edible flowers and pistachios. The other was a nutty bark with sweetness of dates. She wrote, “Thanks @cravinbyandy this looks healthy and delicious! Happy Diwali”. These treats are not only vegan but healthy and tasty too.

However, this isn’t the first time we have spotted Ananya with sweet stuff. Earlier, in a talk show, we saw her Liger co-star, Vijay Deverakonda, revealing that she used to have croissants and coffee for breakfast on the set. Even during her Italian vacation, we saw the new-age actor digging into sugary treats time and again. One day she was having a tangy lemon sorbet and obsessing over it and the very next day we saw her drooling over a chocolate croissant.  

This reminds us of her cute little dessert in London. She had posted a picture of a mushroom-shaped tiny sweet meat on social media. Back home in Delhi, Ananya was spotted at one of the city’s most iconic ice cream parlours - Nirulas. She was seen having hot chocolate fudge and remembering the good times she spent with her nani during summers in the city.