Divinity Candy: Tried This Vintage Candy From America?

Throughout our childhood, we have all enjoyed many types of candies. We have a variety of candies, from strawberry to lemon, but I'm sure this is the first time you've heard of 'Divinity candy.' Egg whites, pecan nuts, sugar, and corn syrup are used to make this meringue-based confectionery. Like a marshmallow, it's white in colour and has a light, airy texture.  

This candy is supposed to have originated in the United States in the early twentieth century, but its origins are said to be in Turkey and Europe. According to another source, corn syrup production and consumption were very high in the early twentieth century, and people were attempting to find new ways to use it. 

Earlier versions of this candy, dating back to 1907, were frequently produced with milk, but as time went on, makers began to use pecan nuts in the recipe. More than one variety of this sweet is now being discovered, and the usage of walnuts in these candies is becoming increasingly popular.  

Brown sugar is sometimes substituted for white sugar, and the result is known as’ sea foam candy.'  

 Image source-Pexels

Why is it called Divinity candy?  

You might be asking why Divinity is the name given to this unique egg white sweet. People felt divine when they tried this airy and fluffy candy because of its taste, feel, and texture, and it was naturally dubbed Divinity Candy.  


Importance In Western Culture.  

It is claimed to have a significant cultural significance in American society because it is manufactured and distributed to people at festivals and huge festivities, particularly during the Christmas season. It is well-liked and popular among the local children, and even the adults can't resist its charm.  

You can try to make your own batch of these candies at home by following this recipe:

Ingredients needed-

    Sugar- 2 ½ cups(granulated)  

    Corn Syrup- ½ cup 

    2 egg whites (room temperature) 

    Chopped pecans ½ cup 

    Vanilla extract- 1 tbsp 

    Water ½ cup 

    Little bit of salt 


    In a medium saucepan, combine sugar, corn syrup, salt and water and cook it on medium heat, keep stirring occasionally for 7-8 minutes until this mixture reaches 260°                        

    Side by side beat the egg whites using an electric beater or blender until soft and stiff peaks form.  

    Remove the candy mixture from heat and very slowly start pouring it in the egg white mixture, do it slowly so that it holds its shape.  

    Stir in the chopped pecans and vanilla extract and mix.  

    Take a spoon and start putting spoonful of this candy on a baking tray (lined with parchment paper). 

    Let it set at room temperature overnight or until they are dry to touch.   

Voila! Your no-bake Divinity candies are ready to eat; simply store them in an airtight jar for up to 5 days. You may also add chopped walnuts, shredded coconut, almonds, or anything else to give it a unique spin, according to your preferences.