Discovering Ujjain: Top 8 Most Iconic Dishes You Should Know
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Nestled in the Malwa region of Central India, Ujjain is a historic city with a vibrant social and cultural tapestry. A haven for tourists and foodies travelling to Madhya Pradesh, Ujjain has a lot to offer in terms of food, especially affordable street foods that are delicious beyond compare. In case you weren’t aware, the food in Ujjain has historic influences from the Sultanate period as well as the kingdom of the local rulers, the Holkars—making the cuisine of this region quite unique and worth a try. From regal thalis to street foods that win your taste buds, a lot can be explored when in Ujjain. 

Of course, given Ujjain’s proximity to cities like Indore which are also famed for their delicacies, there are quite a few overlaps in dishes. These similarities don’t just stay limited to snacks served by street vendors and restaurants, but also to homecooked dishes that are very easily available commercially too. So, when in Ujjain, getting a taste of myriads of dishes and comparing them to similar fare found in other Madhya Pradesh cities like Indore is also something that excites foodies. 

Are you visiting Ujjain soon? If yes, then here are some unmissable famous and iconic foods of Ujjain that you must try at least once.  

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You might have tried Dal Baati Churma in Rajasthan and Litti Chokha in Bihar, but without a taste of the famous Dal-Bafla of Ujjain, you exploration of this Indian combo is incomplete. What makes the Dal-Bafla unique is the fact that the dough balls aren’t usually stuffed with anything. Instead, they are boiled in a broth made of turmeric and herbs, and then baked to perfection with ghee on top. The Bafla is then served with Dal, which helps combine both the elements perfectly in a thali. 

Aloo Bada 

The perfect street foods of India are deep-fried, and so is this one. These delicious Ujjaini Aloo Bada are made with mashed potatoes, chillies, herbs and spices, which are then dipped in a gram flour or besan batter and deep fried until done. Crunchy on the outside, gooey and melt-in-the-mouth on the inside, these Aloo Badas are served across the city of Ujjain with green chutney on the side, and sweet chutney if you ask for it. 


The iconic combination from Madhya Pradesh gets an Ujjaini touch with Poha-Jalebi. The Poha in Ujjain is quite similar to that served in Indore, and has a spicy mixture served on top to add another layer of crunchiness along with the peanuts and peas. On the side are scrumptious, sweet and orange-hued Jalebis. Together, this sweet and savoury combination makes for an incredible breakfast or snack that everybody visiting Ujjain should try at least once. 

Gulab Jamun 

What’s so special about the Gulab Jamun in Ujjain, you might ask, and the simple answer is that they are bigger and better. The deep-fried khoya balls are soaked in sugar syrup until golden and perfect everywhere, but in Ujjain, they are also served warm on almost every street corner at halwai shops and beyond. Quite like in Kolkata, people in Ujjain actually snack on Gulab Jamun like they would on Samosas anywhere else. 

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Thick, milky and sweet, Rabdi is a delicacy consumed across India. The Ujjaini version, however, is famed not only for being sweeter but also thicker and richer. Topped with dry fruits and nuts that have been sliced or toasted, this one is another must-have while in the city. Make sure you have the Rabdi chilled even if you are buying it from a street vendor to get the best possible flavours. 

Dal Kachori 

In Ujjain, people not only snack on sweet treats like Rabdi and savoury staples like Poha, but also deep-fried goodies like Dal Kachoris—which are also famed as a winter favourite street food. These Dal Kachoris are stuffed with a spicy lentil mix, usually made with chana dal, green chillies, cumin powder, amchoor and herbs. The outer dough shell is made with whole wheat flour and the stuffed Kachoris are then fried and served with chutneys and onions on the side. 

Dehania Chivda 

Did you know that Gujarat isn’t the only state which makes delicious Chivda to snack on? In fact, Ujjain’s popular Dehania Chivda is a spicy and crunchy snack made with the mix of flattened rice, peanuts, chana dal, sev and many more ingredients. Not only is it sold across the city but it is also the ingredient that adds flavour to the region’s popular Poha! So, when in Ujjain, eat and buy plenty of Dehania Chivda to take back home. 

Bhutte Ka Kees 

A winter special, Bhutte Ka Kees is a delicious corn-based snack that is served warm across the city by vendors. The corn kernels are boiled, mashed and then slow cooked to make this porridge-like dish that is warm, mildly spiced and a delight to bite into during winter season. If you are travelling to Ujjain any time soon, then do not forget to indulge in Bhutte Ka Kees.