How To Differentiate Between Plastic Eggs And Real Eggs?
Image Credit: Plastic Eggs vs Real Eggs

Do you know that recently the circulation of fake/plastic eggs was reported in Kerala’s markets? Some people have named them ‘Chinese eggs’ as well. Therefore, before buying these eggs, check whether they are real or not. But how to identify? For this, we’ve got you sorted.

How are plastic eggs made?

Firstly, all you need to know is how plastic eggs are made. The plastic egg is produced by combining hot water in the sodium alginate and adding alum, benzoic and gelatin to the mixture. This mixture makes both the yellow and the white parts of the egg. However, only a slight yellow colour is added to the mix for the yellow part, while the eggshell is made from calcium chloride.

Know the difference between real and fake egg

Plastic eggs look like real ones; that’s why most people cannot differentiate between these two. But we will tell you some methods by which you will immediately find out the difference between real and fake eggs.

  1. Break eggs and keep them aside for a while: Some fake eggs are so well made that even the best experts can’t tell the difference. In such a situation, before making the eggs break, please keep them in a bowl. The yellow and white part of the actual egg separates on their own. At the same time, the white part of the fake eggs gets mixed, and this is because they are both made of the same material.
  2. Hard eggshell: The shell of real eggs is very soft, but the surface of fake eggs is rigid. So when the eggs are not cracking even with your firm grip, then the egg is fake. Apart from this, the shell of the phoney egg also has a rubbery lining inside it.
  3. Fake eggs don’t drown in water: Fake eggs do not sink in water. So even if you leave them out in the open for several days, neither flies nor ants will be attracted to them. This is the best way to know the difference between real and fake eggs.

So in these easy ways, find out the difference between real and fake eggs and keep yourself safe.