Bored Of Regular Muesli? Get Your Hands On Different Variants
Image Credit: Different Muesli Variants

Today’s busy lifestyle deprives us of making nutritious meals, especially in the morning when we are busy sorting out our day. While life has become one long Monday with work-from-home, it is easy to lose interest in anything. Yes, even your goal to achieve a lean body for the upcoming wedding season can go for a toss because you are bored of your regular muesli. You had opted for muesli as your breakfast choice as it was quick to make with all the added benefits like weight management by consuming a nutrient-rich breakfast. Like other fibre and protein-rich cereal made of rolled oats, corn and wheat flakes, grains, seeds, dried fruit and other diverse breakfast ingredients, muesli has become a popular breakfast choice. 

Bored of your muesli flavour? 

"However, even if you are bored of your current muesli flavour, worry not. There is a variety of options available even in muesli. For instance, diet millet muesli. A blend of protein and fibre-rich nuts and dried fruits is made of different finely crushed millets. It is a healthy combination that has a lengthy digestion process, hence keeping you full for longer. Moreover, it is more nutritious than all the other packaged cereals because of its high added sugars. Another additional benefit is that it contains Omega 3 fatty acids that keep heart health in check. Moreover, the antioxidants slow down the ageing process of the skin," states Ms Dolly Kumar, Founder & Director, Cosmic Nutracos, The Parent Company Of Gaia. 

How to make your breakfast enjoyable? 

Another delicious flavour to make your breakfast more interesting is chocolate and cranberry millet muesli. Yes, Ragi or millet muesli also comes with the goodness of chocolate and cranberry. The chocolate and cranberry muesli is nutritious, high in protein, iron and antioxidants with zero cholesterol and trans fat. It is a taste blast in your mount, precisely what you need for a fresh morning. Now that you have different flavours at your disposal and you think there’s a chance you might give up on them in the coming time. 

Ms Dolly Kumar shares other ways to eat muesli than just with milk

  1. Muesli ladoos/energy balls: Grind muesli, almond oil and peanut butter. Make small balls of the paste and eat them whenever you feel like it. 
  2. Bowl of happiness: Instead of adding a spoon of yoghurt to your muesli, sprinkle a layer of muesli into your yoghurt bowl. You can also add honey and some fruits. 
  3. Muesli pancake: You can add muesli mix to your pancake batter and make muesli pancakes. You can also sprinkle some after they are done.  

Muesli is a wonder food that can be consumed in several different ways. It would be best if you did not give up on this healthy and nutritious food option easily. Try new flavours, experiment with the methods of eating them because here it’s all about your creativity. Let no one convince you that your breakfast or mid-day snack is bland because muesli’s essential elements – nuts and berries – make it versatile, and it can be consumed in many ways.