Masala To Chocolate: 4 Different Coffee Types To Try At Home
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Coffee is known for relieving stress and helping you stay fit. Yes, it's true, as coffee has multiple benefits, and its flavours give different tastes. People also love to drink coffee as it helps deal with various problems like boosting memory, removing stress, etc. Here we will tell you four types of coffee and how to prepare them. So let's get going with some caffeine.


Coffee lovers often enjoy the aroma of coffee beans, and they love to eat them with various dry fruits. Espresso is also one such coffee, which is much appreciated among people with several benefits, such as enhancing the skin, boosting stamina, reducing stress etc. Do you know that many people also consume espresso to deal with depression? Put coffee powder, sugar, and water in a mug and beat it properly to make this brew. After this, you have to heat the milk, but do not boil it. When the milk starts foaming, put it in a coffee mug, mix it and serve.

Masala coffee

You must have heard about masala chai, but here we are talking about masala coffee. In addition to coffee, milk, you need some spices and herbs to make it. Firstly, you have to heat water in a pan and add coffee, cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom. When it starts boiling, you have to add milk gradually, taking care not to add sugar in the beginning. Mix sugar only after turning off the gas; otherwise, the milk may spoil. After filtering it, add coffee powder and serve. Do you know that masala coffee is tasty and healthy, helping fight many diseases?

Chocolate coffee

Are you fond of chocolates? Now think, what if you find them in your coffee mug? So, now you will need dark chocolate for this particular coffee. Also, you have to mix cinnamon, nutmeg, milk, sugar, and dark chocolate. For better mixing, you can also reheat it in the oven. After it melts, pour the hot milk into the glass and mix well. Finally, add some pieces of coffee on top, and your dark chocolate coffee is ready.

Cafe Latte

First, you have to make hot milk foam, making the coffee delicious. After this, you have to put coffee powder, sugar and a little hot water in a glass mug, then mix them well. When you pour milk into the coffee, slowly, the foam will start coming up. This will make your coffee tasty as well as appealing.

P.S. You can add chocolate powder according to your taste in all the coffees.

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