Diet Tips For Women In Their 30s
Image Credit: A woman in her 30s having food. (Picture Courtesy: Unsplash)

Women are gradually making a respectable place for themselves in society. In a bid to do so, they are juggling between their personal and professional lives. Managing both worlds is not an easy task and so women are also experiencing their share of difficulties. To be able to drop children at school on time, complete the task within the given deadline, and completing the household work early, women are sidelining their health. They do not give their diet any importance and just keep on working all day. These mistakes may not have haunted you in your 20s but can lead to debilitating health issues in your 30s and later on. Therefore, you need to take extra care of your health and diet especially when you enter your 30s. Here are certain diet tips that you can follow to lead a healthy life.

Include fibre in your diet

Risk of developing diabetes increases as you get older. In order to reduce your likelihood of getting this chronic condition, you need to include fibre-rich foods in your daily diet as this carb boosts your body’s metabolism and regulates your blood sugar level.

Eat green leafy veggies and protein-rich foods

Hormonal imbalance is common in your 30s owing to increasing stress levels and poor eating habits. To keep a check on your hormonal levels, you need to opt for fish, nuts, lean meat, eggs, etc. as they are rich in protein. In addition, have as many green veggies as you can.

Opt for vitamin C and D rich foods

Withering bone health is prevalent in women especially those in their thirties. Nowadays, arthritis at an early age in women is becoming common, and that is mostly because of dipping estrogen levels that affect bone density adversely. To keep your bones healthy, you need to have approximately 1000 mg of calcium daily along with vitamin D-rich foods like almonds, spinach, etc.