Did You Know About These Benefits Of Eating Pickles?
Image Credit: A lesser-known fact about pickles is that it’s not just limited to India. / https://www.indiafoodnetwork.in/

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word pickle? Probably, your grandmother’s handmade aam ka achaar. Ours is a country that thrives on pickles. Any meal without a dash of pickle on the side seems incomplete. There are myriads of pickles to choose from. Every region of India has its own way of making pickles. There is a variety of pickles for everyone in India suitable to their individual taste. For those who like spicy pickles, the pickles prepared using the recipe of the Andhra cuisine serves as a meal saver. The ones who prefer sweeter pickles, may opt for pickles made using tips from the Gujarati cuisine. The most common pickles are mango pickle, red chilli pickle, lime pickle and mixed pickle.