Starting off her career as a model in the Indian fashion industry, Diana Penty swiftly moved up the showbiz scene with her debut in Cocktail in 2012. Ever since then, the pretty bold actress has been seen on-screen oft and on. The Indian actress is much of a foodie and her recent Thai indulgences are proof. Diana was seen with an Indian spread in the videshi land a few days back. She had dal makhni, chole bhature, rajma and what not on her table and her tempted eyes gave it all away. 

The self-confessed foodie then showed us some regional bites from Thailand wherein she enjoyed mocktails and an authentic Thai fare which included some prawns, curry and steamed rice. Seems like she is still in the hangover of her Thai vacation. She took to her Instagram stories to tell us how she cannot work without this Asian treat and we are amazed. She shoots a video from her phone, focusing on her face in the mirror first and then moving up closer to the plate of sticky mango rice that she has been holding all this while. While her hair is being made by the stylist, she captions this video saying, “Wait, WORK???Whaaattt?!!Not without mango sticky rice” and a tongue out emoji. 

Here’s what her plate looked like. 

Source: Screengrab of Instagram Stories/Diana Penty

Mango sticky rice is an authentic dessert from Southeast Asia which is prepared using fresh mangoes, sticky rice and coconut milk. This is traditionally called Khao Neeo Mamuang and the dessert is super simple to prepare. All you have to do is sieve and rinse the rice in cold water to remove the stickiness. This is then steamed. Once the grains are steamed properly, a thick and sweet sauce is prepared using coconut milk, sugar and salt. The rice is mixed with the sauce and set aside to rest. This pudding-like rice is then served with diced mangoes on top as a garnish. 

Here is detailed recipe of the same. 

Next up, the actress talked about her “work fuel” with which she posted a picture of a green-coloured drink. There is a sticker in the upper right corner which reads matcha. This refreshing matcha drink seems to be what keeps her running in-between her shoots. This is what it looked like. 

Source: Screengrab of Instagram Stories/Diana Penty

To whip up a matcha concoction at home, all you need are some sifted matcha leaves, mint leaves, soda, lime juice, lime wedges and sweet syrup. Muddle it all together in a glass and add some silver rum to the mix. Drink up to your heart’s content and enjoy. If you’re looking for a detailed recipe, here is one by Hello glow that you can follow. 

Finally, here is a bonus Asian recipe that you would definitely like if you have a fascination for coconuts. The khao suey is a Burmese delicacy, made from coconut milk and lots of vegetables. The thick noodles are mixed in the curry and topped with condiments like fried onions, fried garlic, red peppers, lime juice and more.