Dhokla In Ahmedabad: Types and Top 5 Spots to Visit

The rich history, culture, and regional variety of India have all had a hand in shaping the country's food into a colourful array of flavours. Spicy curries, fragrant biryanis, and mouthwatering desserts are all included. The western state of Gujarat's Ahmedabad is home to the world-famous dhokla. It's a savoury steamed cake topped with mustard seeds, curry leaves, and grated coconut that's made from fermented rice and chickpea flour. It is fluffy and soft with a mild tang, and it goes great with tangy chutneys like green chutney or tamarind sauce. A perfect example of the subtle blending of ingredients that gives Indian food its worldwide prominence. 

Khaman Dhokla 

This is the most common type of dhokla. It's made from gram flour (besan), often mixed with yogurt or buttermilk. The batter is seasoned with spices like green chilies and turmeric and leavened with baking soda or Eno (fruit salt). After steaming, it's typically garnished with mustard seeds, curry leaves, and grated coconut. 

Khatta Dhokla 

Khatta dhokla, which has a sour taste, is another common kind. The fermented batter is the reason for the distinctive sour flavour (khatta). In the end, you get a white, spongy snack. This dhokla does not need to be tempered before eating like some others do. Even though the way the spices are mixed is what gives each piece its taste, adding chillies and ginger does the job. 

Rava Dhokla 

Rava dhokla is a popular Indian snack made from semolina (rava) and flavored with spices. It's a variation of traditional dhokla and is known for its lighter and spongier texture. The semolina is mixed with yogurt, green chilies, and other seasonings, then steamed to perfection. Rava dhokla is typically garnished with mustard seeds, curry leaves, and grated coconut before serving. 

Sandwich Dhokla 

A Dhokla Sandwich is a creative twist on the traditional Indian snack, Dhokla. It involves layering two Dhokla layers with a flavorful chutney or filling in between, creating a delightful and savory sandwich. This fusion dish combines the spongy texture of Dhokla with the convenience of a handheld sandwich, making it a popular and innovative street food option enjoyed for its unique taste and portability. 

Channa Dal Dhokla 

Chana Dal Dhokla is a variation of the traditional Indian snack, Dhokla. It's made from chana dal, or split chickpeas, which are ground into a batter and steamed to create a spongy and savory cake. Seasoned with spices and herbs, Chana Dal Dhokla offers a unique taste and texture, making it a popular choice for those seeking a protein-rich and flavorful snack or breakfast option. 

Rasiya Dhokla 

This type of dhokla is one of the more filling ones because the pieces are covered by gravy. This type is a big hit in Gujarat, where it is also called rasiya muthia. Usually, dhokla is boiled, but this recipe calls for shaped cooked rice, gram flour, whole wheat flour, and different spices. 

Cheese Dhokla 

Cheese Dhokla is a delectable twist on the classic Indian snack, Dhokla. It features a soft, steamed gram flour cake infused with cheese, creating a delightful fusion of flavors. The cheese adds a creamy and savory element to the traditional spongy Dhokla. Often garnished with herbs and spices, Cheese Dhokla is a flavorful and indulgent treat enjoyed as a snack or appetizer. 


Dhokla is prepared through a relatively simple steaming process. First, a batter is made by mixing gram flour (besan), yogurt, and various spices. This batter is left to ferment for a few hours, which gives Dhokla its characteristic spongy texture. The fermented batter is then seasoned with ingredients like mustard seeds, green chilies, and sometimes, baking soda for extra fluffiness. Finally, the batter is steamed in a flat container or a Dhokla-specific vessel until it becomes soft and spongy. After steaming, it's usually garnished with coriander and served with chutney.  

Top Places To Have Dhokla In Ahmedabad 

Lijjat Khaman 

Lijjat Khaman in Ahmedabad is renowned for its delectable Dhokla. This beloved eatery specializes in crafting light, spongy, and flavorful Dhokla, using a time-honored recipe. It's a go-to spot for locals and tourists alike, offering a taste of authentic Gujarati cuisine. The Dhokla here is typically served with a side of tangy chutney, providing a delightful culinary experience. 

Shreeji Khaman House 

Shreeji Khaman in Ahmedabad is a renowned destination for delicious Dhokla. This eatery is celebrated for its expertise in preparing soft, fluffy, and flavorful Dhokla, showcasing the true essence of Gujarati cuisine. Locals and visitors flock to Shreeji Khaman to savor this iconic dish, often accompanied by spicy chutney for a burst of flavors. It's a must-visit place for those seeking an authentic Dhokla experience in Ahmedabad. 

Das Khaman 

Das Khaman in Ahmedabad is a popular hub for savoring delectable Dhokla. This renowned establishment is celebrated for its mastery in crafting soft, spongy, and flavorful Dhokla, exemplifying the essence of authentic Gujarati cuisine. Locals and tourists flock to Das Khaman to relish this iconic dish, often accompanied by zesty chutney, offering a memorable culinary experience. 


Oshwal in Ahmedabad is a well-regarded destination for enjoying scrumptious Dhokla. This eatery is known for its expertise in creating soft, fluffy, and flavorful Dhokla, representing the true essence of Gujarati cuisine. Both locals and tourists visit Oshwal to savor this iconic dish, often paired with tangy chutney, providing an authentic and delightful Dhokla experience in the heart of Ahmedabad. 

Jani Locho & Khaman House  

Jani Locho & Khaman House in Ahmedabad is a celebrated spot for relishing mouthwatering Dhokla. This eatery is renowned for its mastery in crafting soft, spongy, and flavorful Dhokla, offering an authentic taste of Gujarati cuisine. Both locals and tourists frequent Jani Locho and Khaman House to indulge in this iconic dish, often accompanied by tangy chutney, making it a must-visit Dhokla destination in Ahmedabad.