Delicious Ways To Use Leftover Aloo Gobhi Sabzi
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The most frequently seen leftover vegetable in Indian families is aloo gobhi, which is also one of the most often prepared veggies. We are never shocked to receive a sandwich for breakfast that is filled with the aloo gobhi sabzi from the previous night. And since we adore this delectable dish anyway, we don't mind. This sabzi is the foundation of any classic Indian thali because it is straightforward to prepare, flavorful, and has just the right amount of crunch from shallow frying the gobhi. Yet the following recipes are ideal if you wish to enjoy this dish in different ways at the next dinner.

Aloo gobhi toast

There's no need to introduce this dish. It practically serves as a mainstay in every Indian home. To prepare a filling sandwich, just spread butter on bread slices and top with a handful of slightly mashed sabzi. Yet, if you ask us, desi-style toasting the sandwich in ghee on a tawa is the ideal method for making aloo gobhi toast.

Gobhi paratha

We are always seduced by stuffed parathas in the morning. And what could be better than our favourite aloo gobhi sabzi, which is stuffed with flavour? Before mashing the sabzi to be rolled into the paratha, we advise adding chopped onions to it. This aloo gobhi paratha will win your heart, we promise.

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Surprised? Yes, this sabzi can be turned into a lip-smacking crispy tikki that will be a show-stealer in your evening tea-time session. Mix the leftover aloo gobhi sabzi with some mashed boiled aloo, and add some tiny torn bread pieces to absorb the moisture from the sabzi. Throw in some green chillies, salt and chaat masala, and make some scrumptious tikkis from the mixture in a matter of minutes. 

Aloo gobhi tikki

You'll be surprised and impressed by yet another aloo gobhi snack. Simply swap out the traditional aloo filling for mashed aloo gobhi sabzi, sandwich it between bread slices sliced diagonally, dunk it in seasoned batter, and cook it until it becomes golden. We always enjoy bread pakoda, and this variation will be just as satisfying. Also, you now have a speedier recipe for bread pakoda for snacks.

Aloo gobhi roll

Another aloo gobhi snack will surprise and impress you. Simply replace the usual aloo filling with mashed aloo gobhi sabzi, slice the bread diagonally, pour it in seasoned batter, and fry until brown. This variety of bread pakoda will satisfy us just as much as we always enjoy it. You now have a quicker recipe for bread pakoda, which is a popular Indian snack.