Delicious Gobi Dishes To Savour In Winter
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We enjoy feasting on the delectable, fresh, and crunchy winter vegetables. Do we not? Our vegetable baskets are currently overflowing with all the seasonal fruits and vegetables, including green peas, carrots, beans, spinach, and more. They may be used to quickly prepare a variety of delicious foods and are healthful and nourishing. Cauliflower is a different vegetable that has a particular place in our hearts (or as we call it Gobi in Hindi). Saying that every Indian has an inherent bond with this lovely white flower is not exaggerating. We already gulp at the mere mention of gobi paratha, gobi pakoda, and gobi Manchurian!

Methi palak gobhi

Without methi, palak, and gobi, winter is simply incomplete. We discovered a dish that combines all three of the winter special veggies to give you the taste of the time of year.

Bharwan gobhi

All of us enjoy bharwan karela, bharwan baigan, etc. Have you ever tried bharwan gobi, though? This meal is opulent: deep-fried cauliflower florets that have been packed with cheese and khoya and covered with besan.

Chilli gobhi

This dish, a vegetarian substitute for chilli chicken, is excellent for adding spice to your dinner. Simply toss the gobi with the spices and serve. This tasty can be made in only 30 minutes.

chilli gobi/

Gobi 65 is a famous vegetarian substitute for a popular chicken meal and is a spice connoisseur's paradise. It is tasty, crisp, and popular with people of all ages.

This dish is a quick and simple choice to make if you're trying to serve something unique and opulent at your dinner table. It is essentially a full cauliflower dipped in a potent gravy made of onion, ginger, garlic, and a variety of other spices.