Delhi Vendor Introduces ‘Heart Attack Burger’; Netizens Call It Bizarre

Meet the new kid on the block. ‘Heart Attack Burger’ is officially the latest to own the bizarre food trend on the internet. Disturbing as it may sound, this wonder dish has definitely left many wondering why we love to experiment so much with what we eat! 

From fusing two or more eatables into one bizarre dish to labelling it with a big price tag just because it’s garnished with edible gold dust and silver sheet, food trends these days are a class apart. Joining the weird trends bandwagon on social media now is the ‘Heart Attack Burger’. An Indian food blogger has taken to his Instagram handle to post about this famous food from the streets of Delhi.

The food blogger, with the username @foodie_incarnate, recently uploaded a video on his Instagram handle about this ‘Heart Attack Burger’. In the video, a street vendor is seen roasting Indian-style burgers with oodles of butter. The name of the burger highlights the ill effects of the amount of butter used to prepare it. The video has so far garnered 1.9 million views, 70.8k views and hundreds of comments from netizens around India.

Concerned users are commenting on the video, saying, “Issay sacchi mai heart attack ho ja aay ga (sic).” Meanwhile, another user commented, “Cholesterol Wale dukan ka burger😂💯 (sic)”. 

This burger is sold at Kavi Nagar, Ghaziabad. However, the price of the burger isn’t mentioned by the food blogger.

Are you fascinated enough to try this ‘Heart Attack Burger’? Do let us know. Until then, try these delicious burger recipes that we have in store for you.