Delhi Man Sends Cakes To 16 Different Addresses On V-Day

Food delivery services generally receive a surge in demand on special occasions like festivals, but some orders grab everyone's eyeballs. The most recent one can be seen in the latest social media post of Zomato where the food delivery giant revealed that a man in Delhi placed orders for 16 cakes on Valentine’s Day.    

It is a popular tradition to surprise your loved ones with gifts on this romantic occasion, but a man named Tarun goes viral for his unusual order. The food delivery app shared a post on X that said, “Happy Valentine's Day to Tarun from Delhi who has sent cakes to 16 different addresses today.”   

The tweet went viral and has got more than 653k views and 11k likes since posted. People in the comment section have given hilarious reactions to Tarun’s peculiar order and are curious to know his intentions. One X user said, “Tarun knows how to use Zomato to optimize his possibilities,” while another wrote, “I think he took 'don't put all your eggs in one basket quote' too seriously.”   

The netizens have also included the food delivery app in their hilarious conversation for exposing Tarun’s order details. One comment said, “Zomato is acting like the colony aunty we all hate.” “Zomato don’t be a snitch bro come on you’re cooler than that,” another X user commented.   

This is not the first hysterical post Zomato did on this year’s Valentine’s Day. Previously, the app teased singles on Instagram by saying “Did you know? Sookhi puri utni sookhi nahi hoti jitni tumhari love life,” and this too went viral on social media.