Delhi Gets A Luxe Experiential Dining Spot
Image Credit: Loya - Taj Palace, New Delhi

When you think of Taj, the brand simply reminds you as symbol of grandeur and all things beautiful, and keeping the same, Taj Palace, New Delhi brings their latest addition to the culinary scene- Loya (which translates to a grand feast in Pasthun) leads you on an immersive journey across the vivid north of India. Loya, the restaurant serving ‘North Indian’ cuisine at The Taj Palace, New Delhi, is all about confluence of flavour, passion and influence, all culminating exquisitely on your plate. 

The moment you enter Loya, it gives you the feel of a bazaar from the bygone era. The design philosophy takes inspiration from the historical lifestyle of the northern sub-continent, with grand arches, exquisite niches, intricate motifs, stone jalis and more, rendered perfectly with natural and aged textures and sandy beige backdrops, while the furniture pieces takes their inspiration from traditional Indian ‘khatia’ and ‘peeda’. Also taking a closer look will see that the whole design idea is circled about the concept of “Paanch” or five, be it the five elements or the five rivers from Punjab and the same reflects in the food too.

Loya has given an almost new identity to the so called North Indian cuisine minus the butter chicken and just panner but sees its presence marked from Kashmir to Himachal to Punjab. With a perfect amalgamation of local flavours that are true to the roots, Loya’s huge life size glass-fronted kitchen will let you take a sneak peek as the chefs are busy with the chores. The sigdis, dhungars or the and big pots are a perfect example how Taj has made sure that the spotlight remains on the inherent uniqueness and theatrics of time-honoured cooking techniques. Based on the philosophy of Paanch again (‘dungaar’, ‘dum’, ‘baghar’, ‘sigdi’, ‘sil-batta’) , Chef Rajesh Wadhwa and chef Gagan after immense research and vision has made sure that each and every dish is perfect to the tee. 

From Loya kachori chaat (the restaurants take on Moradabadi dal) to the the smoke-infused Ghost Chilli Murg Tikka to Timbri jhinga (prawns are coated with pahadi bhang jeera)to the Kangra Khodiya Ghosht (Pahari mutton curry) to the The Multani Gobhi which is a bomb of flavours and not to miss the humble Kathal Baingan Bharta to the pahadi Dal Jakhiya or one of the showstopper being Gucchi Kala moti pulao that sees its roots in Kashmiri cuisine. Each dish is  intriguing and sees the perfect example of  robust flavours and traditional cooking styles.  . From the condiments section the ole ki chutney with an extra dash of mustard oil gives that much needed pungency.

Pairing these dishes beautifully are Loya’s cocktail that too is based on the philosophy of Paanch - Harmony, Experimentation, Authenticity, Reverence, and The Spirit that come together to signify the HEART of the North. Be it the Masala whiskey or the Loya Manhattan each sip that you take gives you the feel of time-honoured techniques and heirloom ingredients.

This latest offering by Indian Hotels Company (IHCL) at Taj Palace, New Delhi is place where timeless techniques, undiscovered culinary traditions and heirloom ingredients are proudly showcases and perfectly suits when you think past meets the presents in the most luxurious way.