Delhi 6 Ki Rasoi: The Community Kitchen Providing Free Meals
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Community is regarded as an important sphere in an individual’s life. We all belong to a community and share its culture and diversity. Belonging to a community provides a sense of connection, support, and belongingness. 

The community gives importance to the community kitchen, which is a culinary space that brings people together through the love of food and a sense of camaraderie. It serves as a hub for individuals from diverse backgrounds to gather, cook, and share meals. These kitchens are often established in local neighbourhoods, community centres, or even religious institutions, and they play a crucial role in fostering social cohesion and addressing food insecurity. Community kitchens not only provide a space for individuals to prepare nutritious meals, but they also promote skill-sharing, cultural exchange, and the opportunity for participants to learn new cooking techniques and recipes. 

Delving into old Delhi, Delhi 6 Ki Rasoi aims to give back to the community by providing food and highlighting the culture and history behind it. This community kitchen is an artistic non-profit organisation that not only provides food at subsidised rates but also believes in evoking traditional storytelling techniques, which allow people to connect to their food at deeper levels. 

The Rasoi    

Delhi 6 Ki Rasoi provides a meal to the people of old Delhi for free or at a rate of Rs 10 only. The community of people, along with the TALENT group, source generous donations to cook and provide meals to less privileged people in society. The initiative has provided the community of workers in old Delhi, like rickshaw drivers, slum dwellers, migrants, construction workers, and by-passers, with meals. 

Anyone and everyone are allowed to donate as much as they want. The minimum donation of Rs 10 to sponsor a meal has the aim of helping the community become more convenient for people despite their help and capacity to give. 

Qissa Goi   

Delhi 6 Ki Rasoi works in association with TALENT (Team and Association in Learning Education and Natural Theatre), which helps them work in areas of theatre and education with children, youth, and women of old Delhi. Apart from serving food, they also aim to revive the traditional storytelling practise called Qissa Goi. 

The community kitchen works with the local community to collect the stories and legends of Delhi 6, spread them, and keep the culture alive. 

The children of Old Delhi play an important role in bringing back the culture of Old Delhi, along with learning and equipping themselves with the skills of Qissa Goi. Mostly, these children belong to the underprivileged class, exposed to limited opportunities as they are mostly caught up in earning every wage. Besides, participating in these workshops allows them to explore art without being confined by economic constraints.