Deepika Padukone Enjoys A Post-BAFTA Breakfast Spread In Bed
Image Credit: Deepika Padukone/Instagram

After wrapping up her appearance and presenter duties at the BAFTA awards, Deepika Padukone seemed to be letting her hair down (quite literally!), with a delicious breakfast spread in her hotel room. Capturing moments from her breakfast-in-bed experience at one of the Hilton hotels, the actress enjoyed a meal of poached eggs in whipped yoghurt, toast with baked beans, hummus and an assorted bread basket. The extravagant spread also included a fruit platter, with an assortment of sliced peaches, kiwi, dragon fruit, pineapple, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries.

The breakfast tray also held a smaller dish containing various preserves and jams. Dressed in a bath robe – a stark contrast from her glamorous Sabyasachi look for the event – Deepika posed with a slice of toast loaded with the baked beans. Captioning the photographs saying, “Behind every picture perfect moment, is a whole lot of fun,” the actress is known to have a diet that includes all kinds of foods. With no fixed diet plan to follow, Deepika makes sure to include all the essential nutrients in her diet, while sticking to low-carb, high-protein meals on her shoot days.

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Credited for putting Bhutan’s national dish – the ema datshi – on the global culinary map, Deepika has been vocal about her interest in sampling local delicacies during her travels. Besides her delicious continental breakfast spread, the actress is also known to relish South Indian breakfast delights such as idli, upma and dosas for breakfast. While her love for pasta and desserts motivates her to follow a strict workout routine, her usual meals include grilled fish, vegetables, roti and salad. Swearing by a sustainable pattern of eating, Padukone’s dedication to fitness is admirable, to say the least.