Decoding The Wedding Menu Of Nayanthara And Vignesh Shivan
Image Credit: Instagram/nayantharaaa

Weddings are a happy occasion and the fans of actors Vignesh Shivan and actress Nayanthara couldn’t agree more, as the power couple tied the knot today in a swanky five star hotel at Mahabalipuram. The wedding was a star studded affair. As South Indian weddings usually start earlier in the day, the wedding ritual for Nayanthara and Vignesh began at 8:10 AM in the morning. 

The wedding is being attended by celebrities from the South and Bollywood film industry such as Shah Rukh Khan, Boney Kapoor, Rajinikanth, Atlee, Vijay Sethupathi etc. Food is often so lavish at Indian weddings, that it becomes a hallmark of celebration. The menu from Nayanthara and Vignesh’s wedding has surfaced online too and by the looks of it, guests at the wedding are in for traditional and authentic South Indian delicacies. 

Chicken Chettinad and Malabar Parotta are popular dishes found on the menu of South Indian weddings. Credit: Instagram/kk_foody, Pexels. 

The venue of the star’s wedding wasn’t always planned to be Mahabalipuram. In fact, during a press conference held recently, Vignesh confirmed that the wedding was originally planned at Tirupati. However, they had to relocate the venue to Mahabalipuram owing to logistic issues. “We wanted to call our friends and family members, and we can’t take everyone there. So, we have to decide to get married, here, in Mahabalipuram,” Vignesh had said to the media adding that fans would be get to see the first wedding pictures soon after the ceremony today. A while ago, Vignesh shared the first photo of the newly married couple, captioning it, "On a scale of 10... She's Nayan and am the One. With God's grace, the universe, all the blessings of our parents and best of friends, Just Married #Nayanthara."