Dastan-e-Frontier – The Flavours of Undivided Punjab

Punjab, the land that always been the topic of discussion whenever the partition of India is discussed. Like it’s people, who are full of life, their plate too is full of robust flavours and variety. The state’s culinary traditions has travelled through time. And so the moment we say the flavours of undivided Punjab it means the spread sees a fare from both Punjab and Peshawar. The richness of cuisine from this region is more than pindi chole or rajma or the quintessential saag. 

Keeping up with the texture and the delicate use of spices define the cuisine and the same flavours, Desi Connoisseurs lead by Vickrham Vicky and Maneesh Srivastava curated an exploration of delectable recipes from the regions of north frontier along with Executive Chef Manoj Das at the Holiday Inn New Gurugram Sector 90. 

As we sat tasting the Vickram Vicky added saying “I would like to take the opportunity to thank and pay heartfelt tribute to my maternal grandparents viz Nanaji and Naniji as from them I learnt these delicacies”. With a little bit of Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar the table was literally history in a plate as Vickram himself made sure the best came out from the kitchen to the table. From the Peshawari Chapli Kebab to Hunzai Kebab to  Turkish Adhana Kebab each was dipped in history. As the discussion grew intense on how the kebabs were made in Iran and while traveling via Afghanistan and how it has changed while completing the journey it only made the whole experience worth it. 

The carefully crafted menu comprises of traditional food, succulently created from fresh ingredients and deftly spiced by our culinary geniuses. The festival is a culinary journey where guests can treat themselves to authentic delicacies from different regions of Lahore, Peshawar, Rawalpindi & Punjab. 

The most popular Dum ki Nalli, Maa di dal, Besan ke Amalkare, Chitta paneer. Also on offer are delectable lamb and fish curries to be enjoyed with rice and selection of traditional breads cooked to order in the restaurant. The festival in true sense took me through the evolution of food and how it has travelled from Persia and impacted our food culture. 

Not to miss the beautiful food was paired with Indri an award-winning single malt Indian whisky.