Dashain 2023: 6 Classic Dishes For The Festive Feast
Image Credit: Aloo Dum

Dashain is a much-awaited festival celebrated with great pomp and fervour in Nepal and by Nepalis and Indians residing in different parts of India. This festival marks the victory of good over evil, to commemorate the battle of Goddess Durga over Mahishasura. During Dashain, there is a tradition of applying tilak, taking blessings from elders, and enjoying a scrumptious feast. At this time, people visit their homeland and take blessings from the elders who apply tikka on their foreheads.

And just like every other celebration, the Dashain celebration too calls for some amazing food. While non-vegetarian dishes like mutton curry, chicken curry, Bhutan are a common sight, one can also find vegetarian dishes like sel roti, aloo dum, til ki chutney, aloo ka aachar, and others in a Dashain feast. This Dashain, here are 6 classic dishes that you must enjoy. Have a look!

Sel Roti

Sel Roti is a traditional Nepali homemade, sweet, ring-shaped rice bread or doughnut. It's made from rice flour and is deep-fried to achieve a crispy outer layer and a soft inside. It's a popular breakfast or snack item during Dashain. Have you tried it before?

Khasi Ko Masu

Khasi ko masu or goat meat curry is a staple dish in Dashain feasts. The meat is cooked with a flavorful blend of spices and herbs, often including garlic, ginger, and a variety of spices. It's a hearty and savoury dish that's enjoyed with rice or roti. This is a common dish that can amp up the Dashain celebrations.


A popular Nepalese and Gorkhali dish, Gundruk is a fermented leafy green vegetable, usually made from mustard greens or spinach. It's prepared by pickling and fermenting the leaves. Gundruk is a popular side dish in Dashain meals and adds a unique sour and slightly spicy flavor to the feast.


Also known as 'Vada' in some regions, Bara is a deep-fried lentil patty. They are made from ground black gram lentils and spiced with ingredients like cumin, ginger, and green chilies. Bara is commonly served as an appetizer or snack during Dashain gatherings.

Aloo Dum

Aloo Dum is a traditional dish made with potatoes aloo and flavourful spices. This popular side dish is a specialty of Darjeeling and is known for its spice content. Often enjoyed with rice and roti, this dish is cooked with love and makes a special appearance in the Dashain celebrations.  


Kheer is a classic rice pudding made with rice, milk, sugar, and a touch of cardamom for flavor. Kheer marks many celebrations in India and Dashain is no exception. It's a popular dessert served during Dashain to satisfy sweet cravings after a hearty meal.