Dahi Bhindi: The Konkani Okra Yoghurt Recipe
Image Credit: freepik.com

Dahi Bhindi is a Konkani dish. It is called “Bhenda Gojju” locally. It is very healthy. It is made by frying okras and dipping them in thick yoghurt with a sharp tempering. It makes for a great lunch or dinner recipe. It is enjoyed by one and all. 

Okra is a very healthy green vegetable that is packed with nutrients. It is said that this vegetable came to India via Eritrea from Nigeria. The word Okra comes from a Nigerian language. It is said that the arrival of okra in India is the result of early globalization. This vegetable is mentioned in the book “Manasollasa” written by Someshwara in the 12th century.

In India, mostly the whole okra vegetable is used only in cooking. In Africa, its leaves and seeds also are widely used in cooking. The okra seeds are also used as a substitute for coffee beans. With its pleasant smell, Okra oil is also used as a means of unsaturated fats.

In English, it is called the “lady- finger” attributing to the long and graceful feminine digits.

The ground rule of cooking okra is to prevent it from being slimy. That is why it is always washed and thoroughly pat dry. In some culinary practices, it is even sun-dried before cooking. 

While cooking, it is usually not cooked covered and is fried on medium to high flame.


  • 12 to 15 Lady finger or Okra or Bhindi
  •  2 Green chillies
  •  ½ + ½ teaspoon Salt, adjust to taste
  •  1.5 + 1 tablespoon Oil
  •  ½ tsp Mustard seeds
  •  1 tsp Urad dal
  •  1 Dry red chilly
  •  6 to 8 Curry leaves
  •  1 ½ cups thick yoghurt or Curds or Dahi


  1. Wash and pat dry the bhindi or okra
  2. Trim the ends
  3. Cut them into 1 cm thick pieces
  4. In a pan on medium flame, add 1.5 tablespoons of oil, chopped bhindi, and green chillies, and sauté on medium to medium-high flame uncovered for 8 to 10 minutes or until bhindi gets cooked through and charred slightly
  5. To prepare the tempering
  6. In a pan on medium flame, heat 1 tablespoon of oil
  7. Once hot, add mustard seeds
  8. When they start to splutter, add urad dal, curry leaves, and red chillies, and sauté until urad dal becomes light golden in colour
  9. Switch off the flame
  10. To assemble the dish, 
  11. In a bowl, add yoghurt or curds and whisk it for a minute
  12. If it is too thick, add 1 to 2 tablespoons of water and adjust the consistency
  13. To this, add salt to taste, sauteed bhindi, the tempering prepared earlier, and mix well
  14. Serve immediately and enjoy

If you are serving Dahi Bhindi later, mix the Okra with yoghurt just before serving. Enjoy this gumbo dish with your friends and family. It will delight you with a burst of flavours. You can team it with roti or steamed rice.