Dacres Lane- The Charm Of Kolkata’s Favourite And Iconic Food Hub
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Anyone who has visited Kolkata would agree with the fact there are some amazing options for street food lovers. It’s a delight for someone who has inclination for good taste and flavours. The corners of the city are tucked with culinary heritage that has shaped how the city is today. 

One such lane is Dacres Lane. The history of this lane dates back to more than 200 years. Named after, Milner Dacres the then collector for Calcutta, this place used to be hangout place for the sailors who were visiting the port then. This lane used to be a place to have some great meals, and to be true nothing much has changed since then, people still come here for good food. The British’s and they left back the tradition of eating in in Dacres Lane

Dacres lane is a small bylane that’s connecting Waterloo Street on North to Easplanade Row on south which the Bengali’s happily call ‘office para’ means office lane.. Officially known as James Hickey Sarani it has been nicknamed as Dacres Lane. Most shops here run in a make shift arrangements and once you are here there is no dearth of food options right from Chicken/ Mutton stew, Fish Fry And Rezala, Puri-Sabzi to the humble cha and lassi too. 

But if you are confused what to eat here, here’s our pick

Tea and lassi

The moment you enter Dacres Lane a lassi and tea shop welcomes you. The tea shop is rather small and mostly can go unnoticed. The person making the tea uses some good mix-up of Darjeeling and Assam tea leaves and rest assured about the taste and flavour. If you don’t like your tea too milky you can customize your cup. Don’t be surprised to see the tea here is served in proper cup and saucer. While the lassi shop, Sharma’s is known for their Mango lassi that is loaded with cherries and cashews. 

Close to this shop you can spot a food cart maintained by Sheetala Udipi House selling idli dosa too. 


Kolkata is known for its Chinese dishes and how can Dacres Lane have none. And Dacres corner is the one place which makes it the best. You literally have to squeeze yourself and make space if you want a plate of Chowmein and spicy Cilli Chicken. The stall also sells Pulao and Chicken Kosha, but come here for chowmein.  There are wooden benches that are shared amongst all goers in the city. There afew few other stalls too now who are also seen selling  chili chicken, momos, chicken lollypop and fried rice and more. 

Chicken/ Mutton stew 

Chitto Babu Shop one of he oldest in the locality is known for some of the best fish fry, chicken stew, ghugni , chicken pakora, butter toast, mutton toast. This 70- year old shop is much popular amongst the regulars here. Very reasonably priced this, eating hole is a must if you visiting Dacres lane. The stew here is absolutely comforting and delicious and apart from meat it also also has papaya and carrot. 

Khichuri And Telebhaja

Come monsoon and there are few shops that will be seen selling khichuri, beguni, papad, cabbage torkari, chutney. This plate is full of Bengali sentiments and a meal totally worth satisfying. 

And if you are looking for some booze that too is available at the Police bar that’s tucked inside the lane. Pair your drinks with some Rohu fish fry

This lane is nothing less than a mecca for food lovers. Just go and explore and enjoy the delicacies that would get here.