Curry Leaves And Their Lesser Known Uses
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Curry leaves are known to enhance the aroma of any dish. Other than adding unique flavours, these leaves also have multiple and unassuming health benefits. Curry leaves are scientifically known as Murraya Koenigii. The application of these leaves is multiple and it was rampantly used by ancient medical practitioners to cure numerous health ailments. In the Southern part of India, curry leaves are used in almost every dish. These are holistically very beneficial for our health and have antidiabetic qualities that can help in maintaining the blood sugar levels in our body. Other than this, these leaves are also antibacterial and antifungal because of which they provide us with an active shield against all our skin disorders. Let us now look at some of the lesser-known health benefits of curry leaves.

* Metabolism 

Curry leaves can be extremely beneficial if you are trying to increase the metabolic activity in your body. You can consume it directly in the raw form or even drink water that is bold by adding curry leaves to it. These leaves are very effective detoxifying agents and can cleanse the body immediately and also help in burning fat. These leaves also reduce bad cholesterol levels in the body and can stimulate better digestion. Regular consumption of curry leaves will help you witness prominent results in your health and achieve your desired body. The best part about curry leaves is that they help remove unnecessary toxins from the body and keep it clean from the inside.

* Dental Health

Curry leaves are also very beneficial if you're trying to improve your oral hygiene without using artificial products infused with a lot of chemicals. In ancient times people used to take two twigs of natural brush called datun and use them along with curry leaves to clean their teeth. This is an excellent way of cleansing your teeth naturally and it also helps in strengthening the gums. Curry leaves also prevent the growth of any harmful bacteria in the body. This is a great way of eliminating chemicals from your dental routine and increasing the strength of your teeth naturally.

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* Hair Care

Another lesser-known benefit of curry leaves is that they can help prevent the premature greying of your hair. You can make a special oil infused with the benefits of curry leaves and apply it to your hair twice a week. This is a natural remedy to stop your hair from getting grey before time. It is also the best way to not use chemical-infused hair dyes on your hair that can further damage your hair a lot. Dandruff is another very common problem among people especially during the winter season. If you are not able to find any solution for your hair dandruff then using an oil infused with the goodness of curry leaves can be extremely beneficial for your health. Curry leaf oil can instantly nourish your scalp and help in solving the problem of dryness and flakiness.

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* Curing Morning Sickness

If you are going through constant morning sickness and nothing has been able to solve this problem, then drinking tea made out of curry leaves in the morning can help you cure your morning nausea. It is also extremely beneficial for women who are pregnant and are unable to eat anything without feeling sick. Curry leaves can instantly improve morning sickness and regular consumption of tea will prove to be wondrous. Curry leaves have a very refreshing flavour so it can also help in eradicating any bad taste that you are feeling in your mouth. 

* Boost Liver Health

The extract of curry leaves may also help in the better activity of your liver and further support the oxidation of several lipids in the liver as well. Some people also believe that the regular consumption of curry leaves can help in preventing liver damage. In ancient medicine curry leaves were rampantly used in curing a lot of health-related problems, including damaged liver. It can also be used in healing grounds, curing burns and dealing with infections. It can help in the effective recovery of insect bites as well. This is all because of the presence of carbazole alkaloids in the curry leaves. 

These are some of the lesser-known benefits of curry leaves. Next time you bring curry leaves to your home, remember that you can use them in multiple ways than just putting them in your food.